Rupiah's vulgarity has gone too far

by mazuba mwiinga

It makes me shade tears of shock, disgust, dismay, disgrace and scare to say the least. What has gone into President Rupiah’s brains? He seems to be imagining things as excuses to pour out his derogatory breathe on his political opponents. What a shame my fellow Zambians.

If last week’s Post story about Hichilema is to go by then Rupiah has gone too far in his desperation to win the hearts of the Zambians the wrong way. The Post quoted HH as having said, “If they go along on this line, Rupiah Banda will be chased like a dog in 2011.”

According to my little knowledge I acquired in Phonetics and Phonology, the statement above is far from being interpreted as meaning ‘Rupiah is a dog’, as Rupiah alleges to have meant that as reported in The Post story of April 27, 2010.

Calling someone a son of a dog is no excuse just because someone is a president and as such has immunity from facing ligation in the court of law. It’s totally immoral, decadent and wicked for a President of the nation, voted in by the people of the republic, to insult in broad day light without any remorse, even when he was insulted.

Rupiah is too old a man to expose himself in such a manner. Zambia has witnessed the worst ever leadership this country has been given since Independence in 1964. A leader should at all times be patient, tolerant and restraint. He should always seek second opinion on any decision he has to make and should respect the public by showing his control of emotions.

The level of this vulgarity is such a shame to our country and is denting the image of our nation abroad so badly; May God save our souls. Can we allow such kind of a leadership continue demolishing our well-built image just for the sake of wanting to gain political mirage? Zambia deserves better and only the best shall we accept and support.

If our grand fathers are failing to show cause why we the young ones should guard respect as a corner stone of our moral cradle, then what do you expect them to do? Devise their own formula of how to conduct themselves in public when the elders are un dressing themselves in public? Ba President mwa tusampuzya!

Copyright: April 27, 2010 mazuba mwiinga

President Rupiah's triviality
by mazuba mwiinga

It’s so worrying to read the extent to which president Rupiah Banda’s degree of triviality has reached. Starting from the Kuomboka ceremony to the Kitwe press briefing, Rupiah’s behaviour hasn’t been presidential at all.

His speeches has been full of pettiness and lacked material of a leader who should inspire our sons and daughters to become presidents in future. How can for sure the whole lot of a President pick on words like ‘mwachiona mpuno kukula’ when he was mocking Fr. Frank Bwalya as having a big nose to the extent of even insulting the Catholics when he called Fr. Bwalya ‘a Father without children’. If Rupiah doesn’t know what it means to be called a Father in the Catholic Church he should just be mute.

At Kuomboka he wore a white beret (ignorantly or out of defiant) he still embarrassed himself because according to the custom of the tradition he was officiating on, such an attire symbolised him to be a ‘grave yard care taker’. In Tonga we have a saying that ‘namaindilila nomuli mwanu kobuzya’, literary meaning that ‘you who is in a hurry, ask people around even if it’s in your house’.

And now he accuses those who criticised him as having been jealousy of him because he looked good, instead of acknowledging a very embarrassing mistake he made in his effort to run away from the kuomboka red beret that reminded him of the ‘scare crow’ red card that has been giving him night mares of late. For God’s sake where are his advisors? At his age Rupiah shouldn’t be behaving like a school boy. We expect to see wise decisions and statements every time he speaks.

Is this what they say about age: that when one grows old one starts to behave like a kid? But I thought wisdom comes with old age? Or is wisdom selective on which people to plant its roots? Rupiah’s triviality is worrying because it is far below even an average high school boy. As old as he is we don’t expect him to derive so much pleasure in wanting to ku shendana like kinder-garden children; such words only come from immature kids who don’t have the mental capacity to appreciate God’s unique creation of man kind.

It’s so embarrassing when watching news with our young ones to see him start parroting out such words. He should realise that he is not just a president, but a Parent too. Are those the manners he wants his grand children to adopt when they grow up? De-humanising people in public so carelessly and shamelessly?

Rupiah should put some restraints on his too much power conferred on him. Its not just un- presidential but also immoral for him to take his power for granted and assault people’s emotions with impunity. He is a president and not a dissident.

Copyright: April 26, 2010 mazuba mwiinga

NCC - A pack of laughing jokers

by Mazuba Mwiinga

I am so mouth-less and totally hypnotized on the behaviour of some of the National Constitution Conference (NCC) delegates over their rejection of the access to food and water clause in the draft constitution under debate currently.

Is this the kind of people sure we gave powers to talk on our behalf over such serious Constitutional matters? Who chose such a pack of laughing jokers by the way?

It’s so annoying to hear that such a human right can be trampled upon in such a comic manner as if in a folk tale whose characters are animals who don’t recognise the presence of a human being in their kraal.

Even the so called Deputy Minister himself, shamelessly backs up such a selfish and inhumane decision of wanting to make government run away from its major responsibility of feeding its people; the very poor majority they day in and day out manipulate during elections, when they take advantage of their poverty and entices them with food in exchange for votes! What an indignity!

The NCC behaviour is callously immature and childish. These are the people who have gobbled so much tax payers’ money into their bottomless pockets, feeding their bellies to capacities like one who had never seen food in a decade; and today they deny the needy the right to access food and water? What kind of Devils are they! Not even Lucifer can do that.

All they think is just themselves and their close relatives they can easily feed because of the huge monies they have accumulated from the NCC seatings.

Access to food and water is a human right and the government has a duty to feed its own people because most of the poverty we are seeing in this nation is due to poor governance, mismanagement of national funds, poor government policies and selfish leadership full of corrupt elements.

Whoever voted for the rejection of this clause should be ashamed of them selves and know that what they did will one day be undone. This NCC is nothing but a club of jokers who are there for personal business of making money. There is no reasoning in their deliberations at all. What a disgrace!

Copyright: April 16, 2010 mazuba mwiinga

There is no much glamour and happiness than in having beautiful faces around you.

when times are really tamed, only the heads which are up and tight are able to tighte up the strings.

thanking people around you, always humbles one's heart when you realise how much they mean to you and your life........

mazuba mwiinga

April 13, 2010 Tuesday

When he who pays the piper, calls the tune

by Mazuba Mwiinga

With all due respect and without any malice or hatred at all, may I talk to one Opah Hamiyanza on his sudden twist of his tongue? Quite alright we all know that in a democracy everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts, but it constricts my heart when I hear some one jump from one putrid view to another, and in all instances eating his own earlier words with abhorrence inconsistence.

Much as Hamiyanza has the constitutional right of associating himself with any grouping of his liking and expressing his views in any manner he sees fit, I think on the other hand he is losing his mind to say the least.

People of integrity are seen by their grassy views and no matter how divergent these views may be, as long as they themselves believe in them, they are always consistent and to the point.

But for Hamiyanza today to stand head up like a herd’s boy and be a champion of the MMD government clearly shows us how festering our politics are.

Only a fortnight ago, Hamiyanza was a lead singer of the PF-UPND Pact. Beating the drums of change like one under the influence of some ghost; vowing that nothing will divorce him from his fight. Hamiyanza castigated the MMD government from all angles, calling them all sorts of names and colours; given the chance to kill, Hamiyanza was ready to kill for his love of the Pact. And now Hamiyanza is the darling of MMD; the same Party he was telling people to fight and fight hard to remove.

For God sake’s; what is it that has changed in a month that has made Hamiyanza to see light at the end of the MMD tunnel and gives him the guts to call the opposition ‘a rotten head’, ‘bottomless pit’, ‘sheer waste of time’ (Sky Radio Forum April 13, 2010)? Is it another game of ‘he, who pays the piper, calls the tune?’

Hamiyanza should know that his inconsistence is not destroying anyone but himself. Today he will talk his lungs out to keep someone in power, but such a person will never stay in power forever. And when that time of his vacating the seat of power comes, people like him Hamiyanza will then see that it does not pay to sale to your dignity, integrity and self respect to selfishness.

Hamiyanza has ashamed himself to the last vein of his body tissues. He has shown us what kind of a man he is – un trusted, selfish, and un reliable. He has acted like a directionless wind that blows from no where to anywhere. He can’t and won’t be able to gain people’s confidence any where in his life. At the end of it all, he will just remain a shoe-brusher and song singer for people who don’t even know how to dance to his pitch less tune.

Copyright: mazuba mwiinga April 13, 2010

Provocking Catholics
by Mazuba Mwiinga

Just as no patriotic citizen in the world can stand aloof in the face of his Country being under fire from supposedly organised enemies; so are baptised and confirmed Catholics be able to stand the scorn, humiliation and utter provocation from those who claim to hold power like a candy in their mouth.

For me, even if Fr. Frank Bwalya had asked President Rupiah Banda to apologise for attending the Good Friday Church Service at St. Ignatius, I would still have supported him fully because, Rupiah’s presidency has ridiculed, disrespected and insulted the Catholic Church with impunity and without any remorse.

Those who are ignorant about the workings of the Catholic Church should know that the Catholic Church has strong and long lasting rules for one to be a Confirmed member. It’s not a mere ‘Christian organisation’ that advertises itself in the media calling for membership and haphazardly immerses new comers in water and calls them Catholics.

To be a member of the Holy Catholic Church, fully initiated in its workings calls for going through strict spiritual guidance and teaching. That’s why our clergymen are not mere ‘school boys’. They are men who don’t just go through spiritual formation, but also intensive secular tertiary training for several years in many human and social disciplines. Catholic clergy men are not just ‘bible men’ or ‘men-for-the-altar’. They are academicians and professionals who put their secular knowledge side-by-side with their spiritual formation; hence their full understanding of man and the world’s needs.

I for one cannot allow a man who today puts my Church in disrepute by calling its leaders all sorts of names and tomorrow he appears in the same Church whose members he hates, in the name of ‘public place?’ That’s a clear sign of pure mockery and bullying. The Rupiah presidency is bullying the Catholic Church and its members with contempt and Catholics can’t stand face down seeing what they believe in being thrown in the mud in broad day light. Catholics are not the only ones who observe Easter. The Anglicans and other Churches do so as well. Why didn’t Rupiah just go and visit them? Or why didn’t he go to his Church?

Can you imagine even one Frederick Chiluba had gone to the extent of receiving Holy Communion at the same Church well knowing that the Catholic Church Holy Communion is not just taken like sweets on a round table in the living room to freshen your sour breathe. Chiluba’s action was a mockery to the Church just as Rupiah’s attendance of Easter. Their common reasoning was that they can actually break the Holy law surrounding the receiving of the Eucharist and they can dare attend the Service because no one can touch them; pure provocation and a stab on the left chest of Catholics; deliberately piercing their hearts.

Some people will tend to hate Fr. Bwalya for his stance on what he believes in. And it’s always the case when the truth is being said, promoted and defended. Liars, hypocrites, advocates of hate and selfish ones will always mumble and jumble with ignorance and malice.

Copyright: mazuba mwiinga 06.04.2010