Rupiah's vulgarity has gone too far

by mazuba mwiinga

It makes me shade tears of shock, disgust, dismay, disgrace and scare to say the least. What has gone into President Rupiah’s brains? He seems to be imagining things as excuses to pour out his derogatory breathe on his political opponents. What a shame my fellow Zambians.

If last week’s Post story about Hichilema is to go by then Rupiah has gone too far in his desperation to win the hearts of the Zambians the wrong way. The Post quoted HH as having said, “If they go along on this line, Rupiah Banda will be chased like a dog in 2011.”

According to my little knowledge I acquired in Phonetics and Phonology, the statement above is far from being interpreted as meaning ‘Rupiah is a dog’, as Rupiah alleges to have meant that as reported in The Post story of April 27, 2010.

Calling someone a son of a dog is no excuse just because someone is a president and as such has immunity from facing ligation in the court of law. It’s totally immoral, decadent and wicked for a President of the nation, voted in by the people of the republic, to insult in broad day light without any remorse, even when he was insulted.

Rupiah is too old a man to expose himself in such a manner. Zambia has witnessed the worst ever leadership this country has been given since Independence in 1964. A leader should at all times be patient, tolerant and restraint. He should always seek second opinion on any decision he has to make and should respect the public by showing his control of emotions.

The level of this vulgarity is such a shame to our country and is denting the image of our nation abroad so badly; May God save our souls. Can we allow such kind of a leadership continue demolishing our well-built image just for the sake of wanting to gain political mirage? Zambia deserves better and only the best shall we accept and support.

If our grand fathers are failing to show cause why we the young ones should guard respect as a corner stone of our moral cradle, then what do you expect them to do? Devise their own formula of how to conduct themselves in public when the elders are un dressing themselves in public? Ba President mwa tusampuzya!

Copyright: April 27, 2010 mazuba mwiinga

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