Presidential Emoluments Bill Immoral
by mazuba mwiinga

Morality is the anchor of humanity. The standard by which a human's character is scaled against the behavior of primates. Its a system of values that show virtuous conduct in the eyes of the right thinking members of society. Doing otherwise is totally unacceptable and immoral!!

Look at them. Shameless as they stare at us. They rejoiced at the death of their brother our noble late president Levy Mwanawasa. With their stealth minds, they used 'legacy' to lure us into thinking they were respectable gentlemen. Alas! We were amused at their foolishness and sank into their duping tricks. They go into State House and kicked out anyone who preached Levy's legacy. In their small tinkling brain of thoughts, even refused to honor Levy's death with a public holiday!!! What a government!

And now, they are busy changing laws to suit their selfish ego and gluttonous appetite for wealth. In their sheer shiver like a shrub in a tornado, they stand on the edge of their time; between the devil and deep sea; and want to speed off with our meager resources with impunity! In their desperate race for looting, they are now leaglising wrongs just to satisfy their bottomless hunger for money.

Can someone sane enough poke their back please? Because when we remind them of how posterity never forgets they cite use as inciting the people. It just took one hour of a presidential speech in Parliament to have one bragging man, Chiluba appear in public 'naked' when his presidential immunity was ripped off his body. The Alchemist says; something that happens once is likely to happen twice.

Just a few months ago, it was the 'abuse of office' clause that was rubbed off our Statutes. Reason? Only the powers that be knows. And now its the Presidential Emoluments Bill to be tattered. Torn to shred shamelessly just suit one man who thinks is a god and can do anything he likes.

Having old men for presidents can be such a sickening experince indeed. Where is the wisdom we so often equal old age with wisdom? Careful with what you vote for Zambians. This is not stone age, nor iron age - this is brain age fellas!!!
Gay Rights - An insult on humanity
by mazuba mwiinga

Cut the rubbish and blunt the talk. Tell me in my face that you are Gay and I will ask you a question; why then do you need children?

Arent you foolish enough to ask someone's sperms that joined with someone's egg to nurture a baby as the laws of nature dictate? And you shamelessly stand before me and say you have a right to have children as a gay? Fine my friend, go have children with your fellow man and see if it will happen!

This mere fact should make one realize that how anatomically crippled one is. Why am I even writing this? Gayism isnt a debatable matter in Zambia. Its an insolent insult on humanity and laws of nature.

Can someone educate me? Do male dogs have sex with fellow male dogs? I have never seen one; and the laws of nature put human beings at the top of rationality in thier conducts; far better than animals because they have a sense of reasoning. If a dog that cant reason; cant dare insert its 'thing' into another dog's anus; why should a man' reasoning as he is with his five senses choose to do so?

It beats any sane logic really. Every human body part was made for a specific reason. Just like a computer, a human body has input and output parts.

A man's manhood was made to let out urine and sperms. Sperms on the other hand werent created for fun or as a decoration. Their sole reason is to create another human being. And this can only happen when this sperm comes into contact with a woman's egg. Naturally and logically this should happen during sexual intercourse between a man and a woman; a man's manhood into a woman's vagina. Thats simple rule of laws of nature.

And for one to adopt a child on the premise that he is gay is an insult on humanity and the laws of nature. Why should one be in need of children when he does continously goes against the laws of nature by engaging in anal sex or inserting herself with all kinds of dilidos or fingers on into her private parts? Only someone who is mentally sick can flow into such.

The fact stands that no one is born gay. All the those claiming like wise get it through bogus, spoilt and irrational environmental influences they allow themselves to corrupt them.

An anus is an outlet organ for body waste material and not for inserting a manhood. Its pure simple logic that doesnt need any schooling. Science puts it even more clearer - like poles repel; unlike poles attract.If the opposite happens; then something terribly and irrationally wrong is happening.
UPND-PF cramble - show of arrogance
by mazuba mwiinga

Pride goes before a fall, is one adage knocking my Grey matter so mockingly immediately I think of the fall of PF-UPND Pact. But why should I worry? Hadn't after all said it before in earlier thoughts? Yes i did, that this Pact was more less like a pack of jackasses competing on who has the best eye-sight in a night hunt for Impala.

What has been my dire concern since the creation of this grouping was the fact that, the two top leaders, Sata and Hakainde, never saw it fit to sit eye-ball to eye-ball and talk on Presidential level the future of the Pact. Rather, they saw it best to send their yapping puppies to do the dirty spin against each other.

This move was'nt happenstance; it was logically in their sense but illogically in my view, planned to undo each other without the two leaders getting connected to the barrage of insults that flew across. This was done so as to weigh each leader's appetite for State House.

If what rumours has, happen to be belived then it clears my frustrations of thinking that the two Pact leaders werent committed to the values and morals of the Pact. Hakainde is said to have said that he was forced by the people to join with Sata and form the Pact. Honestly, can one refered to as a resolved leader get into the mud just because some supporter says so? Such a statement underlines the fact that, Hakainde was not convinced of this joinery with Sata. He didnt belive in it, hence his committment wouldnt have been that expected of what 'the people' wanted.

Sata on the other hand is said to have gone to Hakainde and pleaded to start afresh allegedly because he realised his advisors were lying to him. This boldly indicates that, Sata expected nothing but a Presidential candidature of the Pact disregarding the fact that, it was a win-lose bargain that was to be employed in choosing the Pact president. His commitment to the Pact too, was more on the lines of having no questions asked on who becomes Pact president for he contended that he was already the chosen bud.

Truth be told that the two leaders are not just stubborn but selfish and arrogant. And the laws of nature tells us that like-poles repel. The two are one side of the same coin. Beside their ideologies being so parallel, their plummages are the same and as such they cant cordially work together.

Their failure to show us otherwise, proves the fact that they lack leadership drive that can inspire us. I expected them the time their junior officers were exchanging bitter words, to intevene as leaders and work out things, but to my expectations, they decided to bury their heads in sand and leave the drama of insolence shower the public. To their ignorance, this is the last time they will ever have in their entire lives of smelling State House walls. I can bate with them. Never again will they come so close to leading this country as they had been.

Hakainde may be young, but his chance of being groomed is now gone. People have lost trust in him the way they did of young Baldwin Nkumbula. Sata is being caught by age, and he shouldnt even be hopeful that he will win this year alone as PF. The cloud from the blue sky will fall on my verenda if he does. Pride goes before a fall and if these words were still looking for a good example to be used on, this PF UPND circus is the best of those examples.

Catholic priests and sex scandals
 by mazuba mwiinga

Get me wrong if you want to, because it isn’t my option to give you that impression.

Fr. Duffy of Mongu in Western Province of Zambia is right to say CAP 117 of the Laws of Zambia was breached by the Limulunga Local court to allow reporters take pictures during a Catholic Priest’s trial over adultery charge.

Huh! Come think of it? Is it because it was a Catholic Priest on trial that made Fr. Duffy cry foul or it’s genuinely because the law was broken?

Your answer is as good a guess as mine. Catholic priests’ sexual behaviour in our country of late has been so un inspiring, destructive and making the flock of God astray!!

Being shocked with my thoughts isn’t an offence though. I am a very ardent, practicing and confirmed Catholic Church member; taught at a Catholic school; but my experience with some of our priests is utter disgust.

Can you imagine a priest ordains a marriage and later breaks it because he starts having sex with the woman he joined into marriage with her husband; and leads to divorce when the husband discovers!!

Where are the morals of the people who are supposed to be the ‘Sheppards’ of God!!? Incidences have been there where husbands catch the priests in the act with their wives, matters are taken to court but the Priests go ascot free leaving the couple draped into the complications of divorce at the expense of the suffering children.

What happened in Limulunga is not a new dramatic scene. What disgust me most is the fact that these priests choose married women unlike single ladies; complicating the lives of a family which is the most and highly respected unit in the Catholic Church.

I know of a marriage in which a priest was caught in the act in a Guest House room, taken to court but won the case and the woman later sued for divorce in a rural local court and the local court granted the divorce!!! A marriage that was anointed in church!! Against the law which demands such a divorce should be done in the High court; and today the said priest is co-habiting with the divorced woman – where is the chastity they swore to!!

The catholic faith is losing integrity and sincerity. We no longer have trust in any Catholic priest. We can’t even entrust them with our daughters because of the loose morals they have displayed. We exchange beers with them in night clubs and we see all the other mess they do yet they swore to preserve their sexual life for Christ.

Lets check them out and rebrand the imagine of our church. Defending the wrongs at the excuse of breaking the law is tantamount to covering up a sin that need to be eradicated.
Mental European soccer slavery
by mazuba mwiinga

I ask a question: what did Bob Marley mean by; “Old pirates, yes, they rob I; Sold I to the merchant ships, Minutes after they took I From the bottomless pit….Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds…..”

‘Redemption songs’; is one hit track among many others. On this he is rejoicing the end of slavery in Africa, “….none but ourselves can free our minds…”

Sung more than two decades ago, Bob’s song reverberated into my fibre brain with nostalgia when I saw the Northern tip of Africa engulfed in people revolutions, as Barack Obama and David Cameron get lured to take an opportunity to seize the moment of the heat in Libya’s oil.

But my cynic of a long time had not been over war and atomic bombs Bob sing about; rather on the poor African economies we feel yet we proudly, like in the Zambian national anthem recite; “Stand and sing of Zambia proud and free; land of work and joy in unity; victors in the struggle for the right; we’ve won freedom fight; all one strong and free…”

Free indeed, but from whom or from what when our nations are running-havoc with dire poverty; our economies depend on foreign aid and now my utter most intriguing issue; entertainment is all Western based; let alone, European soccer league has made Europe richer at the expense of the already poor Africans.

Given a bargain between buying a Manchester United flag or scarf or jersey? Or is it Chelsea or Liver pool? Or Barcelona or Ajax; and buying basic needs for his family; a father of six would rather starve his family just to have a belonging to the pack of these European soccer league ‘slaves’. And we say, Africa is free at last, when these fans have turned their living rooms into “old Traford” playing fields.

As if that it not enough, camps in this soccer entertainment have brought among peers so much strife and retrogressive.

White collar jobbers sneak out of office to watch the match. Night security officers leave their posts to have a peep at the small screen. Young boys snatch their old men’s last pennies to pay for a view at a local beer hall. During the games, rivalry is as physical as if someone is blood related to a player who has received a snag from an opposing fan. Not just do they exchange war of words, brawls erupt.

Fun enough, when these European soccer drunk African fans are busy jeering and cheering in the sweat smelling beer halls, their women at home are busy ‘screwing’ house boys and single neighbours who would rather watch a movie in a comfort of their homes.

In the southern sugar plantation town of Zambia, Mazabuka about 150Km south of capital Lusaka, two European soccer league fans were left dead and several others nursing injuries during a Manchester United, Chelsea game on Wednesday.

What started as an argument in support of the teams which aren’t even theirs and whose owners and players don’t even know whether they are watching them; these fans fought, a few minutes before the end of the match in the wee hours of the day. Apparently, local Police men were doing rounds of patrols and in a defiant swing to stop the confusion in a crowd of more than 300 fans, they discharged teargas canisters in the hall and a stampede broke out, killing two people instantly.

From a supposedly jolly soccer match played thousands of miles across the sea and viewed by these poor African fans; bored and care free, they picked stones, bottles and anything lift-able and a riot started in the beautiful and peaceful town.

As the players in Europe were busy fattening their accounts by cashing their cheques that evening, the ghost fans down the southern tip of Africa were busy injuring each other; breaking their property and burying their dead in sadness; all because of the possessiveness of European soccer league.

“…Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds…..”