Mobile Reporting - breaking media stifling by States

Mobile Reporting - breaking media stifling by States

by Mazuba Mwiinga

As Zambia joins other countries on the list of nations where the media is being gagged by sitting governments, Citizen Mobile Reporting has become one of the powerful tools to use to tell stories of social impact vis a vis public service accountability, and giving a voice to women and the young.
Mobile Reporting is a term that describes the use of a Mobile Phone as a reporting tool. The user creates text, photo, video that produces a multi-media based report.
Being a Trainer in this field of journalism has shown me how talented young people are in using mobile apps to create content, edit and share it using a mobile phone. The stories are so intriguing and professionally done.
This has revealed how technological innovation has tremendously reduced the tools of journalism from a huge load of equipment to a pocket sized editing suit. 
Featured here are stories done by trained, skilled and talented young woman Chama Chu…

BEAUTY - One shade of colour lost in Translation

BEAUTY - One shade of colour lost in Translation By Mazuba Mwiinga
We all hear stories, don’t we? Stories of sadness so are stories of laughter. But hasn’t stories of sweat and endurance been said to be the most intriguing of all? No prizes for guessing where I am dragging you to.
We have heard stories of love and hate too. Haven’t we? The very highly typical and stimulating stories ever told.
One of the kinds is told of a couple that wedded in a day, and woke up as divorcees - Reason? The Bride woke up with her typically natural face, apparently so strange to the Groom. During their courtship extravaganza, the Bride-to-be always wore one shade of colour that ended up being the reason for the Groom to fall one knee down with grace, asking for her to be led to the altar. But behold! No sooner had the dregs of the aftermath of the dictates of the altar were presented, after peeling off the roasted potato, than the Bride’s facial cat was let out of the make-up bag.
Like MKV’s line ‘Nicicani i…

Army-Wormed Terms

Tooth and NailArmy-Wormed Terms
Funny how terms change; Battling with seasons for having a reason that resolved on the usual calendar days, Junior could not take it – leaving home after a five star five long weeks of none stop tireless gig of playing antics all over the city, was such a fuss he could not come to terms with.
In his usual cosmetic way, he consistently attended Sunday school in an effort to slow down the days of his holiday through his Sunday school prayers.
Little did I know that in fact his thinking was so ludicrous to come, think of it, just as the worms were busy praying for the rains to pour cats and dogs on the smelly scented chemically decorated crops so as to continue feasting on nature’s most deliciously God given food.
He flanked so casually as we walked to intercity to catch a long route bus to another city that just brought him memories of the previous year where passing maths was as easy as mastering the two times table and stood the chance of another term in …

Objectivity - a Myth in Media?

Objectivity - a Myth in Media?                              by mazuba mwiinga Stunned like one stung by the sting of a bee; was the pitiful pain I endured as I listened to Times of Swaziland Editor-in-chief Martin Dlamini telling the PASA Conference delegates that ‘objectivity is a myth’ in the media. Was I to a different school of thought, so was that of journalism? Or was am I in the world that no longer told the truth? Seated there in the George Hotel Conference Hall, Manzini Swaziland; I impatiently held my pressure as time ticked on his side. A pinch of my word bluntly disagreed with him. Objectivity in the media can, has never been, and will never be an allegory. Those who know will tell you that the simplest way to look at objectivity is to seek the truth and tell it fairly. How then, is this a myth? How does talking to the accuser and the accused be a myth? How does saying what you have gotten from your source the way you got it and present it the way you found it; be a myth? Of co…

Why They Hate Us: Stand Proud and Free

Why They Hate Us: Stand Proud and Free
by Mazuba Mwiinga
There was a time we thought all hell had broken loose over our heads. That time we cried for the pains of our human sorrows. We rationed our kindness and sympathies to others just to make ourselves feel better, less likely bitter. But why are we back to the same old odd cycle? Those who know will tell you that, an experience of life will continue coming back bitter and bitter until the lessons are learnt and mastered. Until that time, nothing will change, but everything remains temporal victories. Have we ever wondered and pinched ourselves as to why a newly born baby cries on the first day of seeing the natural world? It’s a mystery some would say. Enigmatic it may be, but one inquisitive soul would add one and one and make an idea. Free speech is not artificial. Free speech is as an old as creation. Real followers of Jesus Christ in their movement called Christianity know this. Their Holy Book, the Bible talks of ‘in the beginning…

Second Hand Nation Of Ears and Eyes

Second Hand Nation Of Ears and Eyes by mazuba mwiinga
One prolific journalist Jowie Mwiinga once posed a heart throbbing question: ‘Aren’t we a second hand nation?’ Like a piece of cloth taken away from a hocus-pocus bundle of thousand other pieces, regardless of which part of the skin it covered in their previous life; we pose with such clothes in public boasting that we bought them from ‘bend down boutiques’. Shame isn’t it to those who buy the pieces isn’t, but rather to those who allow the killing of the local clothing industry.
Like a rat chasing a cat, we have become familiar with wrongness and illegalities such that their existence among us is like the warmth of sun rise in the cold season.
The House debated rather, mediocritly but piously so, the Amended Constitution, and without much ado cheered and hear-hear-hear-d on it like we were on a six month old toddler’s birthday drink up. A swam of ignorant us, gathered at Zeros Stadium for a Presidential Assent, befitting a Kangaroo m…

Of Time Defilement and Art of Power

Of Time Defilement and Art of Power by mazuba mwiinga

“If you want to do it, do it fast”. Ever heard of this phrase? No prizes for guessing what I am alluding to here. King of the Jews in the story of Salvation towards Calvary says it to Judas.
When I expected the iron hand of power to show definitive illustration to the tattered formation of the tyrannical opponents the mellowest way to do it; all I heard was the opposite from Dr JP. Doesn’t the word opposition in Africa akin to doing the opposite of those in power, even when the powerful are doing it better?
Many thanks to J. R Rim; he tells me that, “Many people make the mistake of saving money by wasting time.”
Instead of teaching me a ballot lesson of yapping for the wrong sense, Dr JP chose to seal the loopholes of the ballot with his squads, making sure every penny saved was paid for the right service; and in the instance got overboard man’s creation of scheduled activity and wasted his earnings.
Did JP ever take time to read Walto…