Paper Backs

In this collection of short stories, even in times of hopelessness, there still remains those who stand for the rightful actions, to the point of risking all they depend on.
In TILL DEATH only death could bring justice. When fear possesses one, demons tend to awaken, and in PARANOIA, this brings intrigue never seen before. Times we meet people for the first time, we often say they are strangers; but there are others who missed the chance of fortune by not taking them in. This comes out in THE SILENT GRAVE. In ONE DARK NIGHT, the knight could not hold the child from being born. What starts as a dream, ends up as a dreadful beef.

DipThink Publishers - 2018

When those with tears for others, choose not to shade them, but shout silently; those claiming control are drenched with fear and dare to stop them. But a wit of a riddle shadows both sides. Who is there to solve the puzzle?
“Was I supposed to cry myself to death? Regretting everything I did and said all my life? The new puzzle floated back in mind.
But turn the leaf, and smile, oh smile, to see
The fair white pages that remain for thee.
What was there to smile for? What leaf was there to turn over? What fair white page was there to see? Death? ... Drinking with devils in the name of affection and progress?”

DipThink Publishers - 2018

The Most Kept Secret of Power Struggle. Fear meets courage in this adrenaline-charged account of a fight for justice.

“The enemy has taken the decision away from the residents. That choice has not been treasured. During these deferments our enemy has acted with latitude to alter the end“. Is Mufasazi right to claim conquest or is he just a rhetoric warrior on top of things? What happens next, opens a lid off a tin of hocus-pocus. Will the truth be known?

DipThink Publishers - 2017

The boy bumps into a secret; the 13th Element that can keep one young for eternity and deliver every wish desired; others call it the philosopher’s stone; a stone that can turn anything into gold. Many have gone that path looking for it, but none have come back alive to narrate their endeavour. The boy is endeared to go that path too, to find it, and let the cat out of the bag. Why him, chokes his throat with curiosity. What he steps on however opens the lid of his mind off: “… all that which exists is only another form of that which does not exist…” he is dumbfounded. What happens next are twists and turns of bolts from the blue falling on the peak of his head with deadly shock. Is the secret a mere hoax and does not deserve any suffering for, or its truly alive and worthy decoding?

DipThink Publishers - 2016

Is a pilgrim’s voice. The boy is on a mental cross road. The heart speaks to him in a manner he has never before explored. It asks questions, gives directions, challenges his mind and makes him conscious of himself. It wakes up his thoughts and shows him the way to happiness, wealth and dreams of his life. It gives him demands; and commands him to have a say in his life. It teaches him the complexities of life and simplifies it in a way he can best understand it. It’s unapologetic and dwells on reflective thinking that comes with inspired thought. Its message is summed up in a thought that, “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary and only the wise men are able to understand them”. And that every person is capable of being wise, once they intend to be so.

DipThink Publishers - 2016

A beautiful young village girl dreams. She says it felt real. Her best friend dismisses it as a wet dream. Three months later she is pregnant. Her father is mad and chases her away. The roller coaster of ultimate nightmare events that follow, shocks the hell out of her father when he takes an adventure to town to look for her. He finds himself in the net of the same trap he invented.

DipThink Publishers - 2016

The boy goes against all odds in search of himself. The excursion takes him through the twists and turns of life; they call him the maniac, some say he is mad, others he is queer. Love fades quickly, joy drops easily, and jobs cut snappily, yet his brains are sharper than a double-edged sword. He blames every-one and everything. This drives him into his unknown epic of mental squabbles and only realises later how his thoughts have been in-fact his own worst enemy and saboteur of his success.

DipThink Publishers - 2015

“….very soon she will have a baby girl. You will divorce your sister and marry your daughter. Your son will give your daughter a child and you will kill your son; but strangers will suffer for the death of your son and you will Scot freely go off the murder case……”

 This is the main triumphs of this complex novel. The claims come to appear neither meaningless nor arrogant. What seems to be a straightforward seering becomes an intricate puzzle that casts scales in Chinkuli’s eyes. The scales only drop when it is too late.

Zubie Publishers - 2005