Smile on The Face

Happiness of Happiness
 by Mazuba Mwiinga
IT’S like a river with endless streak of pure water. The gushing of blood that warms the sense of the soul just alerts the sensitiveness of the magical nerves that put a smile on the face.

Haven’t you for once been in the levels of joy where nothing scares you? That moment when nothing is wrong, and everything just makes sensual sense? It tickles my cerebral fiber for it reminds me of the movie ‘Lucy’. Indeed life was freely and happily given to us, but what have we done with it?
The choices we make, are at every point of our life, are the decisions that determine our destinies. Happiness is an inside job, for the external factors that lure us for the thinking of realizing that which we want, are in fact water blues that brain wash our cognitive gifts of our lives.

Smiling gives nothing to the ‘blind’ eye, but the heart that has an open sight sees and feels the streams of creation unto the tip of the head.

Joy is the fuel of success, for the fruits of labour are manifested into the efforts of the thought that sees a smile in every creation it meets; relationships between nature and the soul of one’s heart illuminates the conjugal points of happiness that creates humanity.

Hasn’t it been the desire to desire the desire; joy would have been a game of fluke just as happiness would have been a taboo. The knack on my nap however, is the realization of how man strives to find happiness from another man with high levels of expectations that would make him fly. If wings would be created, happiness would be the foundation from which to base the membrane of its make up would come.
It is from the roof of knowledge that knowledge gushes for he who seeks it. And happiness is always found in happiness; for from it comes the wonders that men wonderful.
If to be happy was as good as happiness; poor men’s faces would have been princes’ smiles.