I Walk the City

I walk the City

by Mazuba Mwiinga

The direst and beautiful city of our country Zambia;
Hosting one of the famous 5 wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls
It has become well known as the Tourist Capital.

This is a city with people of all colors and shades.
It’s a city full of amazing postures and pictures around.

Last night, I walked the city on the hard drive lane of central Park
Some call it the rain bow lane; others say the big show arena.

Doped with shock; my eyes dimmed with the bright light of outer meat which reflected from a distance.

Like a mirror demonstrating the law of reflection,
Bald and gallant angels stood like porcupines waiting for a stab.

Bum shorts plastered round their bums
Waists wriggled with frivolous calamity

Mini skirts flapping just below their G-strings
Legs were apart like a goalie about to serve a penalty kick

“I am Sexistina. Want some taste, sugar?” she asked.

“I am Fuckerina. Ever tasted some juicy creamy?” another called.

“I am Blowjobbina. Wanna feel the tip of my watery tongue?” the thick lipped mongrel Amazon woman hissed.

Wondering, I picked a piece of paper on the ground. Scribbled on it were words SIVES. They never meant anything to me. Whoever wrote them may have been one of those out of school pick-ups who always think whatever they see is a puzzle.

Just as I was about to walk further north, my back felt heavy with a conscious load. As a man with an ear to the ground, I looked back. Just a few meters away, stood a chick!

Slender; tender; eager young girl. 20 years? No; 21? No. Then she should have been younger. 18? Could be; 17? May be? 16? I think so!

She came closer; looked into my eyes with her amazingly watery white eyes.
My heart missed two beats and I found myself gasping for normal breath.
The closer she came to me, the more the heat I could feel emanating from her almost naked body.
At zero space with my belly, she stopped and stood akimbo.
A broad smile witchingly sent a chilling breeze into my nerves.

I tittered with anxiety. Her nose let out small dots of sweat.
She looked down my belt level and up into my eyes again.
The left side of her blouse strapping was down, exposing an amazingly protruding cone of the most enticing woman’s limb I have ever seen.
The tit wasn’t thick nor thin, but sentimental.

I gulped several balls of saliva trying to resist running the tip of my tongue round it.
Still in this quagmire of indecision,
The right strapping too went down, and a twin cone of a breast beamed at me.
I remembered my old days in the village ‘a frog eats insects that hovers around it’.

I moved my hand, but it couldn’t move.
I said something, but no word came out.
I opened my mouth, but the tongue remained stuck in its room.
I then realized, I was dumb struck

Then below my belt, a war broke out.
Scud missiles started cocking ready for the battle
I tried to resist the soldiers from going a head,
But the General seemed ready for the match

I felt my belt click, then something moved into my trousers
It was her hand
She saw what was going on down there
Her chest was by now completely vacant

No sooner had she almost got hold of the General to give further instructions
I gasped with frenzy, but never let out a word

She ran her tongue on my cheeks and held my neck with her tender fingers
She pulled her extra-min up and loo, there was no cover below
Then I felt like urinating

Slowly but surely, like a mangrove Mantis
I retreated with all my guts and disappeared in the shadows

She stood there dazed with shock
Her killer posture illuminating the streets of the city
Waiting to pounce on any weak belt…..
Last night…I walked the city.

Copyright: 2009 Mazuba Mwiinga

5 Easy Ways to Make Men Smile

By Ryan Dodge for Glamour

#1: Touch His Arm
There are a lot of ways to subtly let a guy know you're into him, like maintaining eye contact, playing with your hair, and smiling a lot. But the only one that sends shivers down my spine is when a girl touches my arm during conversation. It always surprises me, and it's always great.

#2: Send Him a Random Text Message in Midday.
OK, this might not be free depending on your cell phone plan, but it's still a great value. Nothing breaks the monotony of a long workday like a flirty note from someone special, and unless his job is super-intense he'll have plenty of time to daydream about you.

#3: Ask Him a Question About Something He Knows a Lot About
Dating news flash: Guys like to show off for you. So if your dude could use an ego boost, there's nothing like letting him feel like an expert. Ask him about fishing, the 1983 Chicago White Sox, or the mating habits of the Guyanese Bullfinches -- whatever he's into. Just remember to nod frequently and look really interested.

#4: Give Him a Very Specific Compliment
Telling a guy he's funny, handsome, or smart is always appreciated, but the really
meaningful compliments are the ones that reveal how well you know him.
meaningful compliments are the ones that reveal how well you know him. Something like "I love the way your face scrunches up when you're doing the crossword puzzle" or "You have the most manly calves I've ever seen."

#5: Send Him the Diary Entry You Wrote After Your First Date -- or Write One Now
One of the best things about having a girlfriend is reminiscing about what you thought about each other in the beginning of your relationship. Reliving all of the uncertainty and anxiety is strangely exhilarating. I can't think of a better anniversary present than a sanctioned peek into the documented thoughts of someone I care about.

Bonus Tip:
Give him a free pass to go out with his friends alone.

Copyright: yahoo Personals 2009 Photo credit: iStockphoto.com/© Aldo Murillo / Yahoo Personals

Sacrifices that men make just for love

Suspended for Dancing

by Mike Krumboltz

Frost & Girlfriend Frost
Tyler Frost, the high school senior who was suspended for attending his girlfriend's prom, has become a sensation in Search. And yet, despite all the news surrounding his fight for the right to get jiggy with it, folks had yet to hear from Frost himself. That wait is over. This morning, the teen went on "The Early Show" to tell his side of the story.

During an interview with Harry Smith, Frost explained that his private Christian school does have a contract stipulating "no dancing." However, he didn't believe it should include dancing outside of school. So, despite a stiff warning from his principal, he went to his girlfriend's prom at another school. He has since been suspended and won't be allowed to take his final exams on time or graduate with the rest of his class.

Despite this, Frost has no regrets, saying that attending his special lady's prom was both "worth the risk" and "the right decision." Frost's stepfather was also there for the interview. He didn't say much before leaving in the middle of the discussion, but he did mention that a lawsuit against the school is in the works. You can watch the entire CBS interview.

Copyright: yahoo buzz May 12, 2009 09:50:46 AM

Mother is Supreme - Happy is your Day

by Mazuba Mwiinga

Mother you are supreme
Far too sublime

You are our mentor
The bright teacher

When we fumble you moan
When we gamble you yawn

Your spirit is pure
Your secret very sure

Our gain is through your pain
Our happiness through your fame

Toil you do it for us
Talking you do it for no fuss

We revere your womb
Carrying the wood
Yet praising the hood

Happy mother’s day our mothers

Copryright: 2009 Mazuba Mwiinga

Zambian Minister says Press Freedom is communal

by Mazuba Mwiinga

Zambia’s Southern Province minister has said that Press Freedom is communal, but the results are individual.

“Press freedom is communal but the results are individual and perhaps God will even judge us that way”, he said.

Addressing local journalists in tourist capital Livingstone on Sunday to mark this year’s World Press Freedom day, Honorable Daniel Munkombwe reiterated that the “press is a mirror from which society sees its wrongs and rights and (that) an independent media is an essential entity for the development of any nation”.

Munkombwe further challenged journalists to read more in order for them to improve on their reportage.

“You should learn to improve yourselves by reading more and be focused when doing your work. You should stop promoting divisions and intimidating people into submission”

He said that Zambia has the freest media in the region but that some sections of the media are abusing this freedom by personalized reporting.

“Some newspapers even before you open its pages you already know what’s there. Its busy destroying Rupiah Banda (Zambia’s president) and what the other two opposition Parties say is right. No sensible person can surely trust such kind of reporting”.