Provocking Catholics
by Mazuba Mwiinga

Just as no patriotic citizen in the world can stand aloof in the face of his Country being under fire from supposedly organised enemies; so are baptised and confirmed Catholics be able to stand the scorn, humiliation and utter provocation from those who claim to hold power like a candy in their mouth.

For me, even if Fr. Frank Bwalya had asked President Rupiah Banda to apologise for attending the Good Friday Church Service at St. Ignatius, I would still have supported him fully because, Rupiah’s presidency has ridiculed, disrespected and insulted the Catholic Church with impunity and without any remorse.

Those who are ignorant about the workings of the Catholic Church should know that the Catholic Church has strong and long lasting rules for one to be a Confirmed member. It’s not a mere ‘Christian organisation’ that advertises itself in the media calling for membership and haphazardly immerses new comers in water and calls them Catholics.

To be a member of the Holy Catholic Church, fully initiated in its workings calls for going through strict spiritual guidance and teaching. That’s why our clergymen are not mere ‘school boys’. They are men who don’t just go through spiritual formation, but also intensive secular tertiary training for several years in many human and social disciplines. Catholic clergy men are not just ‘bible men’ or ‘men-for-the-altar’. They are academicians and professionals who put their secular knowledge side-by-side with their spiritual formation; hence their full understanding of man and the world’s needs.

I for one cannot allow a man who today puts my Church in disrepute by calling its leaders all sorts of names and tomorrow he appears in the same Church whose members he hates, in the name of ‘public place?’ That’s a clear sign of pure mockery and bullying. The Rupiah presidency is bullying the Catholic Church and its members with contempt and Catholics can’t stand face down seeing what they believe in being thrown in the mud in broad day light. Catholics are not the only ones who observe Easter. The Anglicans and other Churches do so as well. Why didn’t Rupiah just go and visit them? Or why didn’t he go to his Church?

Can you imagine even one Frederick Chiluba had gone to the extent of receiving Holy Communion at the same Church well knowing that the Catholic Church Holy Communion is not just taken like sweets on a round table in the living room to freshen your sour breathe. Chiluba’s action was a mockery to the Church just as Rupiah’s attendance of Easter. Their common reasoning was that they can actually break the Holy law surrounding the receiving of the Eucharist and they can dare attend the Service because no one can touch them; pure provocation and a stab on the left chest of Catholics; deliberately piercing their hearts.

Some people will tend to hate Fr. Bwalya for his stance on what he believes in. And it’s always the case when the truth is being said, promoted and defended. Liars, hypocrites, advocates of hate and selfish ones will always mumble and jumble with ignorance and malice.

Copyright: mazuba mwiinga 06.04.2010

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