Music, Politics, Fans and below 5% Artists

by Mazuba Mwiinga

I am not that easily impressed by what is called Zambian music today. Who cares, one may say; I am just one little voice inside an empty drum of fuel. But play any track of Danny Siulapwa, well no-one beats me on the dancing floor. That I can bate on my forbidden fruit.

Then a day after 2016, my friend and I visited Muyanganas in Kafue. One Chester, was hosting the revellers with his fellow musicians. And I was like; what on earth is that one tickling my limbs! As they say the rest is history. He joined Danny on my list of my favourite Zambian music artists.

I am not a good judge of character. Wouldn’t it be wiser if I was? Like watching the movie ‘Lucy’ where one attains the full capacity of their brain? Alas, many of us only manage five per cent of the whole medulla oblongata stuff! Until recently when the trite phrase of looks deceives, came true, when I was forced to think some of our favourite music artists may be using just below five per cent of their brains!

In the beginning there was a word. Well, was it a statement spoken or a voice recited or a lyric produced? Doesn’t that tell one-world order that certain careers aren’t personal but universal? That when one indulges in them, one unifies the entire human race? Where there was sorrow, comes joy just because someone has listened to a lyric, regardless of what tongue produced it? Kalimba, salsa, rumba, chi-ching, kabbanjo, kankobela, kalumbu, sinjonjo – name any and I will show you no boundaries on who should listen to it. Isn’t it that in music all the souls of the universe merge into one?

Haven’t we seen them rise like a rocket headed to Space with fame and delight; and suddenly fall from grace like rotten mangoes the moment they fall in love with politics? Check them out brand today brings shivers in the ears of those who applauded it a few months ago. Was it because of the court case or the political line it took? Wasn’t it that the court case brewed even more fame of sympathy and freedom for singing while behind bars? Where is the story today?

Who remembers Bikkiloni and friend after RB lost the vote? The two, too lost property. And what was the story of one D Crazy? The Dochi brand, like a boomerang came back for his neck. High sensed music artists think bigger than the pot belly of politics. Isn’t music is a social science and those behind it sent to speak for the voiceless? Rebranding your brand is as good as buying a bra whose purpose is to create a cleaverage for attention. As the size of the boob changes, depending on the body morphology changes, so is the old bra disposed of and new one recruited to carry to the job.

Chest wasn’t meant for public consumption; unless one adds –er to the noun to spice up the day before public humiliation calls in for duty.
I Write What I Like
Deception, Brute Force, Pride
by Mazuba Mwiinga
Have you watched the movie series Nikkita? You should. Believe me you its mind massaging.
I am not such a good judge of character; but utter a word and will hear your mind set. When people become garrulous about their achievements on the ladder of education, one thing is true: they aren't talented or they don't know their talent. Education becomes their weapon to hide their inefficiency. What they don't know often times is that the people they think they are shinning for are actually in the more know yet they choose to be silent giving them a picture of being foolish. That's deception. Positive deception.
The listener looks at the talkative tongue letting it expose the speaker's vulnerability and weaknesses thinking they are demeaning the listener, yet the opposite happens. This is pride on the speaker.
The Listener patiently listens knowing that pride comes before a fall and that deception is more powerful than brute force.
Deception gives the opponent a misleading perception out of which comes wrong thinking that leads to miscalculated decisions. When the listener turns on their true posture, the speaker us often times left on the open - exposed and foolish.
Haven't they said an empty vessel makes the loudest noise? And that he who laughs fast, laughs the best?
Why do you think most women get anything out of a man,even the most broke one us made willingly to borrow for them? They pretend to be foolish in the face of a seemingly clever man and end up to be the ones dancing the sweet tunes of the music.
Brute force is as menacingly wrong as show off is. It exposes one's inner ailings, and beautiful minds easily see them and uses them to their workings. Next time you raise pomp on someone and all you hear from them is just "yes" to everything you say, be weary; you maybe in the face of a beautifully mind.
Oh did you get the invitation to heroes stadium? I have four text invitations. I can lend you all of them.
I Write What I Like
Jesus, Tongas, G12 and Empty Tins

by Mazuba Mwiinga
How wonderful is it to get a degree! Or is it a disgrace to have one and still be an empty tin that makes the loudest noise!
Jesus must have had an amazing moment wondering how come Hell was widening so fast on a nation that claims to belong to him.
If he came down today and stood for a vote, Tonga as I fully am, with out regret and shame for that fact; I would request him to take his campaign to the high priests, presidents and ministers of the land to praise them for declaring the land to him.
Knowing him from books and pamphlets because being Tonga makes me ignorant of scriptures, I wouldn't think Jesus would listen to me if I asked whether or not he truly said, "how can you love God whom you have not seen, and hate your brother that you see everyday".
My guess, he would ignore me; because my blood carries Tonga haemoglobins.
I don't think Jesus would as well listen to me if I asked him how many of his chosen apostles and disciples; so were wise and rich men of his time, were well above G12 of schooling for them to be so great and admirable in their leadership roles?
Having these queries unattended to, I would surely stand like a leper in the middle of the public that claim holiness, yet with mocking snares on their faces; making wondering whether or not they really read the Book that is the foundation of what they claim to be.
Based on this myopia of my mind, casting a vote for Jesus would be such a callous thing to do because my Tonga ignorance taught me that 'give to earth that which belongs to it, and to the sky that which belongs there'. Has someone's pride shot so high that it has blinded their sense of boundaries between mortality and immortality?
My vote of course in such a mysterious election would be for a human being whose duty is to reign on earthly endeavours, for Jesus is out of the picture on that which man thinks can be compared with him. Isn't this vanity oh man of pride!?
Doesn't after all pride comes before a fall? That an unguarded tongue can burn one's own household? Learned man; where did thou get thy degree?!