NCC - A pack of laughing jokers

by Mazuba Mwiinga

I am so mouth-less and totally hypnotized on the behaviour of some of the National Constitution Conference (NCC) delegates over their rejection of the access to food and water clause in the draft constitution under debate currently.

Is this the kind of people sure we gave powers to talk on our behalf over such serious Constitutional matters? Who chose such a pack of laughing jokers by the way?

It’s so annoying to hear that such a human right can be trampled upon in such a comic manner as if in a folk tale whose characters are animals who don’t recognise the presence of a human being in their kraal.

Even the so called Deputy Minister himself, shamelessly backs up such a selfish and inhumane decision of wanting to make government run away from its major responsibility of feeding its people; the very poor majority they day in and day out manipulate during elections, when they take advantage of their poverty and entices them with food in exchange for votes! What an indignity!

The NCC behaviour is callously immature and childish. These are the people who have gobbled so much tax payers’ money into their bottomless pockets, feeding their bellies to capacities like one who had never seen food in a decade; and today they deny the needy the right to access food and water? What kind of Devils are they! Not even Lucifer can do that.

All they think is just themselves and their close relatives they can easily feed because of the huge monies they have accumulated from the NCC seatings.

Access to food and water is a human right and the government has a duty to feed its own people because most of the poverty we are seeing in this nation is due to poor governance, mismanagement of national funds, poor government policies and selfish leadership full of corrupt elements.

Whoever voted for the rejection of this clause should be ashamed of them selves and know that what they did will one day be undone. This NCC is nothing but a club of jokers who are there for personal business of making money. There is no reasoning in their deliberations at all. What a disgrace!

Copyright: April 16, 2010 mazuba mwiinga

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