The Ultimate Nightmare


A beautiful young village girl dreams.  She says it felt real. Her best friend dismisses it as a wet dream. Three months later she is pregnant. Her father is mad and chases her away. The roller coaster of ultimate nightmare events that follow, shocks the hell out of her father when he takes an adventure to town to look for her. He finds himself in the net of the same trap he invented.



Bridget                        Daughter = Central character
Jack                             Visitor and Trader in second hand clothes
James                          Visitor and Trader in second hand clothes, friend to Jack
Ben                              Bridget’s aspiring boy friend
Hamooya                    Bridget’s Father

Supporting Cast
Harriet                        Bridget’s friend and class mate
Lubono                       Bridget’s Mother
Lucy                             Bridget’s Aunt
Sr. Theresa                  Nurse at Hospital
Rita                             Bridget’s sex worker friend

Village Chikuni
Monze Town


Interior - In village Chikuni in Hamooya’s home at night

SFX:                Village night sounds of insects cricketing.



HAMOOYA:  (SHRIEKING WORRIEDLY) what is the matter Bridget! What is happening….?


HAMOOYA:  why are you screaming..?

LUBONO:      (WORRIEDLY) what is the problem Bridget..? Were you dreaming..?

BRIDGET:       (STAMMERING) Drea - drea – I was dreaming ma…. Dreaming (SHE SOBS)

LUBONO:      (CHOKING VOICE) About what my daughter? What were you dreaming about…?


HAMOOYA:  (CALMINGLY) Its OK you will be fine go back to sleep... it’s just a dream...



Scene 2

In village Chikuni in the morning at Hamooya’s home

SFX:                Cows are mooing in a distance as birds sing

JAMES:           (SPEAKS AS HE YAWNS) Yaah! I wish I could fly… fly and fly till I meet the sky. May be these silly hardships could be over... (LAUGHS TO HIMSELF)

JACK:             what the hell are you talking about James? Do you think building castles in the air will help your laziness?

JAMES:           Hey Jack… (PAUSES) I was thinking you will still have another hour of sleeping the way you have just been snoring like a frog in mud water.

JACK:             Don’t you know that sleeping is healthy James. It revitalizes the energy you could have lost the previous day because….

JAMES:           Hey Jack I am not in a lecture. What energy did you loose yesterday anyway? (PAUSES) Ah wait a minute…. You did not sleep in the house last night….

JACK:             (CUTS IN HOASELY) what are you talking about James? Didn’t you find me in bed when you woke up this morning? Don’t be silly boy because…

JAMES:           Hey! What’s the anger for? There was a time when you went out of bed for a long time. Shouldn’t I say that when I saw your absence or may be I was dreaming?

JACK:             You should have been, and there is no need of you talking on top of your voice as if you are preaching. This is not your home. You are just a vagabond second hand clothes trader who was luck to be accommodated by Hamooya. This time you could have been languishing in the bush….

JAMES:           (LAUGHS OUT FUNNLY) so you are telling me that you could have been sleeping in a Hotel in this village… look at you… (LAUGHS)… we are in the middle of nowhere and you call me a vagabond…. I was just asking you where you…

JACK:             (CUTS IN) Can you shut up James... (WHISPERS) Look, this girl is coming here. You should learn to have manners James especially when you are being kept by kind people like Hamooya why…..

JAMES:           (CUTS IN) Ah good morning Bridget!

BRIDGET:       Good morning James, you look bright this morning...

JACK:             (CUTS IN) Who? this….

JAMES:           Don’t try me again Jack... You haven’t even greeted her. Are you scared of her?

BRIDGET:       Why should he be scared of me James?

JACK:             Ignore him I think he woke up from the wrong side of the bed. How are you by the way? You look… I mean…. gorgeous…

BRIDGET:       I hope that isn’t a mockery because I didn’t have any bit of good sleep at all.

JACK:             (HESTATING) Well I was just guessing because your face looks like you enjoyed your night.

JAMES:           (LAUGHING) How does, one enjoy a night as if she was dancing or drinking or….

BRIDGET:       (CUTS IN) well, well, well guys I heard you arguing this morning for quite sometime. I didn’t come to energize the argument. Daddy wants to talk to you.

JAMES:           Saved by the bell... We are coming right away (PAUSES THEN WHISPERS)     why are you looking at her like that...? Something is amiss here.

JACK:             (SERIOUS) Nothing is amiss here. Your mind is playing tricks with you James. Be careful or else we shall take you to a psychiatric hospital soon.



Exterior - In village Chikuni in the afternoon at Hamooya’s neighboring home

SFX:    A dog barks viciously and a scared female voice screams for help

HARRIET:      (SHOUTING) Get out! Get out! Get out! Ninja! Stop that! Look at this dog. Get out from here. (PAUSES THE LAUGHS FUNLY) Come on Bridget. This dog never barks at anything that moves. I don’t know why it has done so on you. Is that bad…?

BRIDGET:       (SCARILY TONE) Ah... ah..ah I don’t like dogs Harriet. I fear them very much. I almost pissed in my pants …….(BOTH LAUGHS JOKINGLY). But I always come here and it does not bark at me. Why today?

HARRIET:      (JOKES) you have come with a ghost on your back may be.

BRIDGE:         Don’t say that Harriet you will increase my fears (PAUSES) Are you going somewhere? You look…..

HARRIET:      (CUTS IN) Yes Bridget I was just getting ready for the shops. Mum has sent me for sugar. Can you come along with me?

BRIDGET:       Ah yes actually I just came for a chat I was getting bored at home.

HARRIET:      Let’s use the longer route then so that we can chat as we walk. Did you finish the Literature home work?

BRIDGET:       The contextual question on The Merchant of Venice…? I attempted last night but couldn’t finish I fell asleep. I got surprised because I have never dozed while studying.

HARRIET:      May be you were tired. I finished the first part where Shylock was told to cut his pound of flesh but never to shed a drop of a Christian blood (PAUSES) why Bridget you look lost, Is there a problem?

BRIDGET:       No... No, no I am listening to your story. I like Bassanios character. It is upright and…

HARRIET:      (CUTS IN) Bridget, are you fine? You look so down faced as if there is something troubling your mind.

BRIDGET:       Oh! I am ok Harriet. It’s only that I am feeling a headache but I am fine really.

HARRIET:      No, Bridget. You have been a long time friend and I have come to know you very well. If you don’t tell me, whom are you going to tell? Anyway may be I am just being judgmental or patronizing. I am sorry.

BRIDGET:       (WORRIEDLY) There is nothing to be sorry about my friend. That’s why I have come to you.

HARRIET:      Don’t tell me that you are …..

BRIDGET:       No I am not pregnant Harriet. You know I have never had a boy friend in my life before.

HARRIET:      But what is the problem Bridget? Are you sick?

BRIDGET:       I don’t know how to explain it Harriet. I am very puzzled and worried.

HARRIET:      Why? What is puzzling and worrying you now?

BRIDGET:       It’s this dream I had last night my friend.

HARRIET:      Dream? What about this dream now?

BRIDGET:       It wasn’t just a dream Harriet. Someone was having sex with me in the dream and...

HARRIET:      (LAUGHS OUT FUNLY) wet dreams eh? How was it? Sweet, eh? It happens to everyone…

BRIDGET:       No Harriet! It wasn’t a wet dream. I felt him on top of me but I was helpless. I couldn’t do anything. I was weak.

HARRIET:      No, no, no Bridget. If what you are saying is true why didn’t you shout for help?

BRIDGET:       I don’t know. May be I was just dreaming… but when I woke up in the middle of the night I shouted for help. (PAUSES) and my Father and Mother came to my room.

HARRIET:      It was just a dream Bridget you see…

BRIDGET:       (CUTS IN) No Harriet. I don’t think so. I was wet Harriet.

HARRIET:      Oh, Bridget! This is just a dream; its, one of those biological developments happening to our bodies. You know that you have never slept with a man in your life before and you are now running to nineteen…..

BRIDGET:       (CUTS IN) Harriet this isn’t a joking matter because…..

HARRIET:      Such experiences are common to us females. Maybe you have been thinking a lot about sex of late. Have you forgotten your Biology notes?

BRIDGET:       (LAMENTS) No Harriet. I have never had time to think about men and their dirty games before. More over, I have never admired any man in my life. I value…..

HARRIET:      (IMITATES) ……… school more than anything. Just cut the crap Bridget. If everyone was going to rely on dreams…….

BRIDGET:       But what happened last night was more than just a dream. I am very convinced about it.

HARRIET:      But did you tell your mother or any elderly woman about it?

BRIDGET:       How do I tell them Harriet? They will just give me the same answer as yours. May be worse than what you have just told me. Anyway I don’t really know what to do now. I am confused and worried.

HARRIET:      I am very sure too Bridget that this is just a mere dream. Don’t just be afraid of anything because nothing will happen believe me my friend.

BRIDGET:       (COMPLAINS) I can’t believe you on that one Harriet. I went to bed dressed in my usual clothes but to wake up stack naked.

HARRIET:      What!! That’s great!? Are you not just hallucinating girl? This is interesting….

BRIDGET:       Not even a pant! And you tell me that I was dreaming? My friend I have never seen dreams that undress people. Not even a wet dream. It’s mysterious and confusing.

HARRIET:      (INSISTS SERIOUSLY) Bridget, don’t demean your Biological knowledge. Have you forgotten that there are people called dream walkers?

BRIDGET:       Hey…don’t take me there again Harriet please….

HARREIT:      They walk for long distances without knowing what is happening to them. Some in the process can even undress themselves and walk back home, enter into blankets and sleep as if nothing has ever happened. It’s possible that something of this kind did happen to you.



Exterior - In village Chikuni in the late afternoon at a beer party

SFX:                Drumming and singing in background

JAMES:           (CALLING OUT) Second hand clothes here! Salaula! Come you pick your choice! We have shirts, dresses….. Trousers and skirts… second hand clothes for you (PAUSES) Hey mother… your sizes are all here come and have a look…. Second hand clothes! Clothes! Clothes here… Jack! What are you doing there, look at the customers behind you…

JACK:             Just mind your business James. What is your problem...? Eh my customer what do want to pick? We have … shirts… shorts… even pants… (PAUSES)James why have you stopped calling out? Do you think this is Monze town? This is Jakalasi village, people have to be told what we have here.

JAMES:           (COMPLAINING) who doesn’t know that this is not Monze town Jack? I am tired of shouting. Do you think I am using fuel….? Come you do it. What kind of a trader are you?

JACK:             (EMPHASISING) I told you this morning that I am not feeling well. I can’t manage to hoot my voice so loud the way you do. I am weak. I am even now feeling cold and I need something warm to put on.

JAMES:           Laziness will not help you much Jack. How do you think we would have done business hadn’t it been for this man Hamooya who accepted to keep us at his home free, the way you behave.

JACK:             Be realistic James. I have told you that I am not well. Have you seen anyone wishing to be ill?

JAMES:           (SERIOUSLY) Jack, ever since we came here you have been complaining of this and that but I have never seen you go to a clinic. Yet the clinic is just at your nose. Why do you refuse to go and get treatment if you are ill?

JACK:             You don’t understand James...

JAMES:           (CUTS IN) what don’t I understand? You tell me that you are ill and I don’t understand that? I am getting sick of this. I think we have to start thinking of going back to Monze town. Suppose you get seriously ill here what am I going to do?

JACK:             It’s not that serious James. Do you think I would have managed to come here if I was seriously ill? Its just one of these changes of places I think.

JAMES:           (UPSET) No, no, no you can’t say it is not serious when you are not a Doctor ok. Last night you went out for quite too long may be you were vomiting or purging. But you don’t want me to know. If you die here my friend you will be buried like a dog I tell you.

JACK:             (UPSET) I told you James that it’s just in your mind because I never went out last night. I was sleeping in the same hut you were. Why do you want to make a fuss over useless issues as if you are a child?

JAMES:           You amaze me Jack. Whenever I bring this night issue you go berserk. Why?

JACK:             I have the right to get annoyed because you are trying to cook up a story here so that...

JAMES:           (CUTS IN) that’s not true Jack. I never said I am trying to cook up a story here. My concern is you. We are strangers here. You only know me and you are the only person I know very well too. Whatever happens to you your relatives in Monze will come to me. Why don’t you see it in those lines?

JACK:             I know you are concerned with me. Fine! But will you please make sure that your concerns are genuine…… (LOWERS VOICE) look at your back you have a customer coming.

JAMES:           Oh… Hamooya… he is not coming here. Can’t you see that he is going to the toilet? You just wanted me to know that he is around.

JACK:             (SURPRISED) What for? What is going on in your mind James?

JAMES:           It’s me who is supposed to ask you that question Jack. You have been behaving rather strangely of late. There is something you are hiding from me. But let me tell you one thing my friend, whatever it is, be careful because this is Jakalasi village. We shall take you back to Monze in a coffin if you are playing.

JACK:             (BLUSHINGLY) What coffin? Just shout for customers its getting late we go and find something to cook for supper.

JAMES:           (LAUGHS QUEERLY) you know what you are Jack; A silly stupid donkey. I will catch you one day. Pack the clothes we go business is over.

JACK:             What!



Exterior - In village Chikuni in the late afternoon in a path

BEN:               (FROM A DISTANCE) Hallo girls where to at this hour?

HARRIET:      (ABIT SARCASTIC) it’s none of your business Ben. By the way why are you trailing us?                                                                                                                     
BEN:               Me trailing, you Harriet? It was not me.

HARRIET:      I saw you Ben. You have been following us from home. I just didn’t want to tell Bridget. It’s only that I did not recognize you at first until now.

BRIDGET:       I saw him as well I just didn’t care anyway. I thought he had his own way as well.

BEN:               (TEASINGLY) so, how are you the twin dimples?

HARRIET:      We are not twin dimples Ben. What’s your problem now?

BEN:               Where are you coming from anyway?

HARRIET:      You know where we are coming from because you have been following us. Why do you want to pretend?

BEN:               Bridget what’s up? You look so upset. That’s not the way you are. Are you sick?

HARRIET:      Hey it’s none of your business Ben. Why don’t you just pass, the way is here please.

BEN:               (PROTESTS) my, heavens! I am not talking to you Harriet. Am I? I am talking to Bridget madam.

HARRIET:      So what! She is my friend.

BEN:               Her being your friend is not a guarantee that you are her spokesperson. Are you? Bridget is she your mouth piece?

BRIDGET:       Ben have you been drinking?

BEN:               Oh…do I smell alcohol?

BRIDGET:       You act like a drunk… (PAUSES) Harriet I am taking this way. Let me rush home or else mum will be angry with me. I have been away home for too long now.

HARRIET:      Okay my friend but please remember what I have told you. Don’t put it in your thoughts.

BRIDGET:       Bet on me Harriet I have taken care of your words. Thanks very much I am at least relieved now.

HARRIET:      (MOVING AWAY) don’t mention it my friend. What are friends for anyway?

BEN:               Can I escort you Bridget?

BRIDGET:       What for? I am not afraid of walking home alone, moreover its still daylight. No thanks.

BEN:               (INSISTS) I will follow you because I want to talk to you Bridget. I want to find out about the letter I gave you last week. Why are you not telling me anything about it?

BRIDGET:       What did you want me to say? The letter was just expressing how you feel about me. Or you wanted me to say thanks for all those silly compliments?

BEN:               I am sorry if at all I offended you. But there is nothing I can do. I said in the letter that I love you. And every man who puts such a statement to a beautiful girl like you expects an answer but you have been quiet.

BRIDGET:       What do you mean you love me James? Is this one of the misplaced words in your mouth?

BEN:               I never misplace words in my mouth Bridget.

BRIDGET:       Why don’t you go and tell it to your mother or your sister if you are in love of it then? Love to me means nothing. Moreover I don’t love you. Are you satisfied?

BEN:               Listen Bridget, it’s not a matter of satisfaction here; it’s an issue of affection, care, need, passion, like, fond of, dying for, no sleep at night, longing for you.

BRIDGET:       (CLAPPING MOCKINGLY) So you spend all your time rehearsing how to deliver your mock speech to me? Let me tell……

BEN:               (CUTS IN)…. It’s all about crying for your presence in my life Bridget. Understand me please. I love you more than the word itself. I can’t remove you in my mind and thoughts. I know you hate me; but why should you do that...

BRIDGET:       (CUTS IN) Ben I have already told you I have no interest in you okay. Actually I have no interest in men. Can you please go? This conversation is over. Ben I can’t …..

BEN:               (CUTS IN) but I have never offended you in my entire life so far apart from just expressing my deeper feelings about you? Look, luck knocks once at a person’s door. And…

BRIDGET:       Over my dead body! So you mean you are the only man to give me luck? Are you right in that head of……?

BEN:              Hey, take it cool…… you see Bridget there are people on this earth my dear who opened doors to strangers without knowing that they actually were inviting Angels in their homes.

BRIDGET:       And so you are the Angel to save me eh…? I am tired of listening to this gibberish talk of yours.           

BEN:               Look here my dear girl. Whoever you are or whatever you do, when you really want something it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe and it’s your mission on earth to fulfill it.

BRIDGET:       (LAUGHS MOCKINGLY) Did I read that from somewhere?

BEN:               (SURPRISED) What... (STAMMERS) Eh…what did you say?

BRIDGET:       Those words you have just said; are they yours or you are stealing them from some book?

BEN:               (STAMMERING) Eh… must understand that love never keeps a man from pursuing his destine.

BRIDGET:       Even stealing someone’s thoughts just for love?

BEN:               No…but, you see…..if a man abandons that pursuit, it’s because it wasn’t true love; the love that speaks the language of the village.

BRIDGET:       You are such a scoundrel Ben. So you expect me to fall prey to your dishonest of using the words you got from The Alchemist to lure me into your nonsense?

BEN:               What? Those words….

BRIDGET:       Just shut up Ben. I may be a High school girl, but I am not that foolish. I read a lot of literature Ben. So please excuse me…..

BEN:               Wait Bridget. Listen. I am…..

BRIDGET:       Why do you love me Ben if I may ask you? Give me one reason; just one reason, why I should be your girl friend or whatever you call it.

BEN:               No reason Bridget is needed for loving.

BRIDGET:       Stop patronizing me Ben. Give me your own inherent thoughts and not those stolen philosophies.

BEN:               Love is not love that alters….

BRIDGET:       (DISGUSTED) Gosh! What course were you studying at University? Are you mad or I am…

BEN:               (CALMLY) I was doing Philosophy but that has nothing to do with my love for you. Bridget one is loved because one is loved period.

BRIDGET:       Excuse my ignorance but sorry I am not…..

BEN:               Sometimes Bridget, we really have eyes but are too blind to realize what we are doing. It’s only after we have fallen that we wake up and see what has happened to us. I know you are so beautiful that almost every man in this village wishes to have you to themselves. But it only takes a little bit of humbleness and critical thinking to see who is genuine and who is not.

BRIDGET:       You rumble like a truck that takes charcoal to town Ben. Your words mean nothing to me, absolutely nothing my dear. You are a phony. Create your own ideas. I am late mum is waiting for me…

BEN:               (CUTS IN) a minute…I have personally seen beautiful girls like you Bridget, so pompous and proud about their beauty, become laughing stock of the village because of their choices. They used their beauty as an anchor for survival. It’s only now or never my dear. You don’t know what tomorrow brings. If you are not careful you will just get pregnant to a mad man who will not even take care of your child.

BRIDGET:       Listen Ben I don’t care just, forget about me ok. Please just ….

BEN:               (CUTS IN) Make hay when the sun still shines Bridget.

BRIDGET:       Go and make your own hay while the sun is sinking, Ben! Leave…..

BEN:               Every blessing ignored becomes a curse because life is generous to those who pursue their destiny.

BRIDGET:       Can you just get lost. You are not my destiny and……

BEN:               Remember that everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time…

BRIDGET:       Ben, don’t annoy me further because…..

BEN:               No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn’t know it. Today I may look and act like a fool but tomorrow you will remember my words. I have said this…

BRIDGET:       (ANGRILY) Shut your beak Ben! That’s enough nonsense to me. Go. I say go! I ………

BEN:               (CALMLY) I will not leave until you tell me something. If you don’t then I will follow you up to your home and ask your mother or father to let me talk to you.

BRIDGET:       What!? That’s a joke I hope.

BEN:               Try me. I am damn serious and I am going to do it.

BRIDGET:       (UNCARING) Okay Ben, listen; you have told me a lot of things. And I am too confused to think over them. Give me time and I will come back to you. Are you happy now?

BEN:               I trust you Bridget and I expect you to do so…. I am going. (SHOUTING AS HE GOES) if you don’t come back to me I will come back to you. Good night and have more sweet dreams baby girl….

BRIDGET:       (SHOUTING PUZZLED) what did you say Ben…? (WHISPERS) My God..!


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