When he who pays the piper, calls the tune

by Mazuba Mwiinga

With all due respect and without any malice or hatred at all, may I talk to one Opah Hamiyanza on his sudden twist of his tongue? Quite alright we all know that in a democracy everyone is entitled to their own opinions and thoughts, but it constricts my heart when I hear some one jump from one putrid view to another, and in all instances eating his own earlier words with abhorrence inconsistence.

Much as Hamiyanza has the constitutional right of associating himself with any grouping of his liking and expressing his views in any manner he sees fit, I think on the other hand he is losing his mind to say the least.

People of integrity are seen by their grassy views and no matter how divergent these views may be, as long as they themselves believe in them, they are always consistent and to the point.

But for Hamiyanza today to stand head up like a herd’s boy and be a champion of the MMD government clearly shows us how festering our politics are.

Only a fortnight ago, Hamiyanza was a lead singer of the PF-UPND Pact. Beating the drums of change like one under the influence of some ghost; vowing that nothing will divorce him from his fight. Hamiyanza castigated the MMD government from all angles, calling them all sorts of names and colours; given the chance to kill, Hamiyanza was ready to kill for his love of the Pact. And now Hamiyanza is the darling of MMD; the same Party he was telling people to fight and fight hard to remove.

For God sake’s; what is it that has changed in a month that has made Hamiyanza to see light at the end of the MMD tunnel and gives him the guts to call the opposition ‘a rotten head’, ‘bottomless pit’, ‘sheer waste of time’ (Sky Radio Forum April 13, 2010)? Is it another game of ‘he, who pays the piper, calls the tune?’

Hamiyanza should know that his inconsistence is not destroying anyone but himself. Today he will talk his lungs out to keep someone in power, but such a person will never stay in power forever. And when that time of his vacating the seat of power comes, people like him Hamiyanza will then see that it does not pay to sale to your dignity, integrity and self respect to selfishness.

Hamiyanza has ashamed himself to the last vein of his body tissues. He has shown us what kind of a man he is – un trusted, selfish, and un reliable. He has acted like a directionless wind that blows from no where to anywhere. He can’t and won’t be able to gain people’s confidence any where in his life. At the end of it all, he will just remain a shoe-brusher and song singer for people who don’t even know how to dance to his pitch less tune.

Copyright: mazuba mwiinga April 13, 2010

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