President Rupiah's triviality
by mazuba mwiinga

It’s so worrying to read the extent to which president Rupiah Banda’s degree of triviality has reached. Starting from the Kuomboka ceremony to the Kitwe press briefing, Rupiah’s behaviour hasn’t been presidential at all.

His speeches has been full of pettiness and lacked material of a leader who should inspire our sons and daughters to become presidents in future. How can for sure the whole lot of a President pick on words like ‘mwachiona mpuno kukula’ when he was mocking Fr. Frank Bwalya as having a big nose to the extent of even insulting the Catholics when he called Fr. Bwalya ‘a Father without children’. If Rupiah doesn’t know what it means to be called a Father in the Catholic Church he should just be mute.

At Kuomboka he wore a white beret (ignorantly or out of defiant) he still embarrassed himself because according to the custom of the tradition he was officiating on, such an attire symbolised him to be a ‘grave yard care taker’. In Tonga we have a saying that ‘namaindilila nomuli mwanu kobuzya’, literary meaning that ‘you who is in a hurry, ask people around even if it’s in your house’.

And now he accuses those who criticised him as having been jealousy of him because he looked good, instead of acknowledging a very embarrassing mistake he made in his effort to run away from the kuomboka red beret that reminded him of the ‘scare crow’ red card that has been giving him night mares of late. For God’s sake where are his advisors? At his age Rupiah shouldn’t be behaving like a school boy. We expect to see wise decisions and statements every time he speaks.

Is this what they say about age: that when one grows old one starts to behave like a kid? But I thought wisdom comes with old age? Or is wisdom selective on which people to plant its roots? Rupiah’s triviality is worrying because it is far below even an average high school boy. As old as he is we don’t expect him to derive so much pleasure in wanting to ku shendana like kinder-garden children; such words only come from immature kids who don’t have the mental capacity to appreciate God’s unique creation of man kind.

It’s so embarrassing when watching news with our young ones to see him start parroting out such words. He should realise that he is not just a president, but a Parent too. Are those the manners he wants his grand children to adopt when they grow up? De-humanising people in public so carelessly and shamelessly?

Rupiah should put some restraints on his too much power conferred on him. Its not just un- presidential but also immoral for him to take his power for granted and assault people’s emotions with impunity. He is a president and not a dissident.

Copyright: April 26, 2010 mazuba mwiinga

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