Kunda, Rupiah desperate over ACC Act

by mazuba mwiinga

It’s said that desperate situations always call for desperate decisions and actions. And desperation being an extreme anxiety of what may come in future, always comes out as a result of fear of having one’s skeletons in the closet being brought in the lime light with shame.

Rupiah Banda, George Kunda and the entire herd behind the removal of the abuse of office clause from the ACC Act, are in calamitous worry, fear and anxiety that come 2011, with a new government in power then their lives will be at the mercy of the laws of our land because they will not be spared from the abuses of office they are doing now.

Much as Kunda is trying to justify the removal of this clause, it does not make any legal sense at all. These guys are extremely afraid for their lives which are full of guilt of the abuses they are now drenched into. They will make sure any Statute that may implicate them when they leave office is manipulated and removed while they still have the plumages to fly over them.

This intention has totally no good to the governance of this nation and Kunda’s reasoning is short of a man who is so knowledgeable with the law.

The removal will bring fantastic celebrations of a lot of corrupt elements whom we have seen rising from rags to riches over night of being given Ministerial Portfolios. When Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and his marvellous team introduced the Anti-Corruption law, in the 1980s he was trying to bring sanity in the way of running this nation. Any sane, clean and up right person can never ever be inefficient in his work, for fear of abusing his or her office as Kunda is trying to make us believe.

When someone gets into public office, they declare their assets, their emoluments and other conditions of service are of public knowledge and there are rules followed for that office. How can one then not work well for fear of making certain decisions because of this clause? Only a corrupt person with corrupted intentions can fear make decisions because the decisions he or she will want to make are definitely corrupt and not for the gracious good of this nation. This clause is there as a barometer of checking and balancing the powers of those in public office.

Kunda cannot lie to us at all. Their intention is just a cover up a ploy to try to protect themselves from ligations when they leave office next year because they know very well they have arrogantly and devilishly abused their offices with the worst impunity we have ever seen in the history of this nation.

But what they shouldn’t forget is that, we the people of Zambia, make laws and we un-make them when we see fit. Whether they remove this clause now, the time they are out of power and with no wings to fly over the laws, we will re-make this clause and let the scales of justice balance so well over their rule.