Gay Rights - An insult on humanity
by mazuba mwiinga

Cut the rubbish and blunt the talk. Tell me in my face that you are Gay and I will ask you a question; why then do you need children?

Arent you foolish enough to ask someone's sperms that joined with someone's egg to nurture a baby as the laws of nature dictate? And you shamelessly stand before me and say you have a right to have children as a gay? Fine my friend, go have children with your fellow man and see if it will happen!

This mere fact should make one realize that how anatomically crippled one is. Why am I even writing this? Gayism isnt a debatable matter in Zambia. Its an insolent insult on humanity and laws of nature.

Can someone educate me? Do male dogs have sex with fellow male dogs? I have never seen one; and the laws of nature put human beings at the top of rationality in thier conducts; far better than animals because they have a sense of reasoning. If a dog that cant reason; cant dare insert its 'thing' into another dog's anus; why should a man' reasoning as he is with his five senses choose to do so?

It beats any sane logic really. Every human body part was made for a specific reason. Just like a computer, a human body has input and output parts.

A man's manhood was made to let out urine and sperms. Sperms on the other hand werent created for fun or as a decoration. Their sole reason is to create another human being. And this can only happen when this sperm comes into contact with a woman's egg. Naturally and logically this should happen during sexual intercourse between a man and a woman; a man's manhood into a woman's vagina. Thats simple rule of laws of nature.

And for one to adopt a child on the premise that he is gay is an insult on humanity and the laws of nature. Why should one be in need of children when he does continously goes against the laws of nature by engaging in anal sex or inserting herself with all kinds of dilidos or fingers on into her private parts? Only someone who is mentally sick can flow into such.

The fact stands that no one is born gay. All the those claiming like wise get it through bogus, spoilt and irrational environmental influences they allow themselves to corrupt them.

An anus is an outlet organ for body waste material and not for inserting a manhood. Its pure simple logic that doesnt need any schooling. Science puts it even more clearer - like poles repel; unlike poles attract.If the opposite happens; then something terribly and irrationally wrong is happening.

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