Presidential Emoluments Bill Immoral
by mazuba mwiinga

Morality is the anchor of humanity. The standard by which a human's character is scaled against the behavior of primates. Its a system of values that show virtuous conduct in the eyes of the right thinking members of society. Doing otherwise is totally unacceptable and immoral!!

Look at them. Shameless as they stare at us. They rejoiced at the death of their brother our noble late president Levy Mwanawasa. With their stealth minds, they used 'legacy' to lure us into thinking they were respectable gentlemen. Alas! We were amused at their foolishness and sank into their duping tricks. They go into State House and kicked out anyone who preached Levy's legacy. In their small tinkling brain of thoughts, even refused to honor Levy's death with a public holiday!!! What a government!

And now, they are busy changing laws to suit their selfish ego and gluttonous appetite for wealth. In their sheer shiver like a shrub in a tornado, they stand on the edge of their time; between the devil and deep sea; and want to speed off with our meager resources with impunity! In their desperate race for looting, they are now leaglising wrongs just to satisfy their bottomless hunger for money.

Can someone sane enough poke their back please? Because when we remind them of how posterity never forgets they cite use as inciting the people. It just took one hour of a presidential speech in Parliament to have one bragging man, Chiluba appear in public 'naked' when his presidential immunity was ripped off his body. The Alchemist says; something that happens once is likely to happen twice.

Just a few months ago, it was the 'abuse of office' clause that was rubbed off our Statutes. Reason? Only the powers that be knows. And now its the Presidential Emoluments Bill to be tattered. Torn to shred shamelessly just suit one man who thinks is a god and can do anything he likes.

Having old men for presidents can be such a sickening experince indeed. Where is the wisdom we so often equal old age with wisdom? Careful with what you vote for Zambians. This is not stone age, nor iron age - this is brain age fellas!!!

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