UPND-PF cramble - show of arrogance
by mazuba mwiinga

Pride goes before a fall, is one adage knocking my Grey matter so mockingly immediately I think of the fall of PF-UPND Pact. But why should I worry? Hadn't after all said it before in earlier thoughts? Yes i did, that this Pact was more less like a pack of jackasses competing on who has the best eye-sight in a night hunt for Impala.

What has been my dire concern since the creation of this grouping was the fact that, the two top leaders, Sata and Hakainde, never saw it fit to sit eye-ball to eye-ball and talk on Presidential level the future of the Pact. Rather, they saw it best to send their yapping puppies to do the dirty spin against each other.

This move was'nt happenstance; it was logically in their sense but illogically in my view, planned to undo each other without the two leaders getting connected to the barrage of insults that flew across. This was done so as to weigh each leader's appetite for State House.

If what rumours has, happen to be belived then it clears my frustrations of thinking that the two Pact leaders werent committed to the values and morals of the Pact. Hakainde is said to have said that he was forced by the people to join with Sata and form the Pact. Honestly, can one refered to as a resolved leader get into the mud just because some supporter says so? Such a statement underlines the fact that, Hakainde was not convinced of this joinery with Sata. He didnt belive in it, hence his committment wouldnt have been that expected of what 'the people' wanted.

Sata on the other hand is said to have gone to Hakainde and pleaded to start afresh allegedly because he realised his advisors were lying to him. This boldly indicates that, Sata expected nothing but a Presidential candidature of the Pact disregarding the fact that, it was a win-lose bargain that was to be employed in choosing the Pact president. His commitment to the Pact too, was more on the lines of having no questions asked on who becomes Pact president for he contended that he was already the chosen bud.

Truth be told that the two leaders are not just stubborn but selfish and arrogant. And the laws of nature tells us that like-poles repel. The two are one side of the same coin. Beside their ideologies being so parallel, their plummages are the same and as such they cant cordially work together.

Their failure to show us otherwise, proves the fact that they lack leadership drive that can inspire us. I expected them the time their junior officers were exchanging bitter words, to intevene as leaders and work out things, but to my expectations, they decided to bury their heads in sand and leave the drama of insolence shower the public. To their ignorance, this is the last time they will ever have in their entire lives of smelling State House walls. I can bate with them. Never again will they come so close to leading this country as they had been.

Hakainde may be young, but his chance of being groomed is now gone. People have lost trust in him the way they did of young Baldwin Nkumbula. Sata is being caught by age, and he shouldnt even be hopeful that he will win this year alone as PF. The cloud from the blue sky will fall on my verenda if he does. Pride goes before a fall and if these words were still looking for a good example to be used on, this PF UPND circus is the best of those examples.

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