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Deception, Brute Force, Pride
by Mazuba Mwiinga
Have you watched the movie series Nikkita? You should. Believe me you its mind massaging.
I am not such a good judge of character; but utter a word and will hear your mind set. When people become garrulous about their achievements on the ladder of education, one thing is true: they aren't talented or they don't know their talent. Education becomes their weapon to hide their inefficiency. What they don't know often times is that the people they think they are shinning for are actually in the more know yet they choose to be silent giving them a picture of being foolish. That's deception. Positive deception.
The listener looks at the talkative tongue letting it expose the speaker's vulnerability and weaknesses thinking they are demeaning the listener, yet the opposite happens. This is pride on the speaker.
The Listener patiently listens knowing that pride comes before a fall and that deception is more powerful than brute force.
Deception gives the opponent a misleading perception out of which comes wrong thinking that leads to miscalculated decisions. When the listener turns on their true posture, the speaker us often times left on the open - exposed and foolish.
Haven't they said an empty vessel makes the loudest noise? And that he who laughs fast, laughs the best?
Why do you think most women get anything out of a man,even the most broke one us made willingly to borrow for them? They pretend to be foolish in the face of a seemingly clever man and end up to be the ones dancing the sweet tunes of the music.
Brute force is as menacingly wrong as show off is. It exposes one's inner ailings, and beautiful minds easily see them and uses them to their workings. Next time you raise pomp on someone and all you hear from them is just "yes" to everything you say, be weary; you maybe in the face of a beautifully mind.
Oh did you get the invitation to heroes stadium? I have four text invitations. I can lend you all of them.

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