Aspire to Inspire
By Mazuba Mwiinga

Intention 3:            Praise And Bless
 “Don’t let each day pass without praising and blessing people.” - Rhonda Byrne
W. Mitchell said that, “It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s what you do about it”. In our lives today, many of us are too quick to condemn others or too quick to take offence even on things someone may have said as a matter of a joke. This is so because people today have taken life so seriously that, there is no space for comedy left, yet life was meant to be enjoyed; to be fun and to bring fun to people. Someone once said that Angels manage to fly because they take themselves lightly. If we take time to look at things that are not seemingly fun and try to find humour in them, we will surely end up finding humour in almost every situation.
Often times we bother ourselves with thinking about things that aren’t bothering at all. We hate people for no apparent reasons other than that they don’t look like us. We get so upset with people just because we don’t like the way they walk or the way they dress or the way they laugh. What a waste of energy indeed.
In life if we have to progress and be happy all the time we need to evaluate our connections with people. We need to take life as it is; simple and as it comes. We need to live life one step at a time knowing that the next step will bring us closer to our destiny. Mostly we have a problem; we always predict failure and look for proof of rejection when there is none. And it’s this anticipation that mostly gives us the wrong interpretation about people and become pre-judgmental.
To live happily in our lives, we have to search our hearts and find self assessment within ourselves. We need to trust ourselves before we trust other people. We need to judge ourselves before we judge others. We need to realise that we cannot control or change other people. The only best thing we can do is to be an example for them on how life needs to be lived.
We need to cultivate a sense of belonging to any situation and be indestructible optimists in order for us to reap the rewards of faith. We have to be putting up with other people’s reactions and behaviours if we have to remain focused to achieving our own goals. The biggest drawback most of us have become entangled into is the attitude of pull him down.
Many of us have grown to be envious of others for their successes in life and wished them ill-luck or have spoken ill of people behind their backs to get an unfair advantage just because of inner ego. In most cases we have criticised people when we were supposed to have praised them because what they said was worthy praising. This attitude negates us from getting what we desire because, one single act of envy and destruction of others, takes away the chance we were given of attaining our glory.
In our lives today, we need to recognise the fact that, we are no different from others; that what we deserve in life, others too deserve it; that what we have as human beings are blessings that are thrust upon us in order for us to appreciate and be grateful. We need to honour the greatness in others and always praise them for their goodness and kindness towards others. When they do something magnificent, let’s celebrate with them and wish them the best, recognising their efforts and greatness in their endeavours.
It’s only through praising and blessing others that we too get praises and blessings from others. The art of happiness is all about reciprocal. You don’t expect to harvest in a field where you didn’t sow any seed. You don’t expect to have blessings when you have never dared bless anyone or wished anyone luck, but looked at their success as a detriment to your personal life.
To succeed in life in your achieving your dreams, you need to disallow other people from pulling you down. Whatever happens, don’t let other people’s negativity infect your dreams. Strengthen your determination against them. On the other hand, don’t try to pull others down yourself, because if you do, you are the one who will fall the farthest. That’s how the laws of nature work.
One motivator, Rhonda Byrne once said that, don’t let each day pass without praising and blessing people, because it’s from this stand point that we get the energy to find success in our lives. By sowing the acts of praising and blessing others, we are actually aspiring to inspire others who see and observe us, for them to do the same somewhere else.
We on the other hand, water our inner most spirit of humanity with such acts of blessings and praising and find peace within ourselves that drive us to see only good in others. For who are we in fact to judge others when God Himself only judges us at the end of our times? Yet ourselves we judge each other on impact. We refuse to realise that every time we gossip about any one other person, we create wounds in the soul of our lives; these wounds eventually bleed and causes hate that results in actions that blind us from tracking our paths to our dreams. That’s how misfortunes come about. They are not created by Satan or the Devil as we so often relate such. But they befall us due to our own mischievous acts of negligence and intolerance; so is jealousy and envy; arrogance and pride.
These vices never build anyone; not even the one who rides on them. They rather divert one’s route to happiness and success and drop them into a dungeon of negativity which results in retrogression on one’s life and livelihood. We therefore need to have an intention of aspiring to inspire others by praising and blessing people’s greatness in them. It’s only through this that we will be able to see our own greatness and success too.

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