Aspire to Inspire

By Mazuba Mwiinga

Intention 2:            Be Nature’s Nurture
 “There are no such creatures as strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet.” Mike Lipkin.
“Do unto others as you would want them do unto you”. This statement though biblical, is more of a social line of thought than spiritual, because in today’s world it has become like an anchor of life. It resonates to the peaks of our lives and propels our mental faculties to see life from a point view of fairness and justice. After all who doesn’t want to be treated fairly? We all want to feel happy and respected. We want to be recognised for our efforts and acclaimed for our achievements. But the question is: do we treat others the way we want them to treat us?
How do we look at people who seem not to be in our social class? Or those who seem not to be as educated as we are? Or those who are slow in learning certain things we are able to grasp within a few seconds? The commands of our lives all depends on the way we relate with others. We are who we are today because of other people, whether we agree or not. No one person in this world became successful on their own efforts. We all achieved what we have because of a Third Party.
And now look at yourself today and compare it with yourself a few years ago; does it surprise you to find that, between then and now, a horde of people came and went out of your life? And what impression did they leave on you and what impression did they go away with them of you? In my tribe Tonga, there is a proverb which says; “Mweenzu Usiya Cisisi”, literary meaning, a visitor always leaves something to be remembered about. And this is the cardinal point of our lives. We are all visitors at one point in our lives. In fact every few minutes of our lives we are visitors of some sort. And every time we leave the places we visited, we always leave something; tangible or intangible. It could be something seen or something unseen but felt. And what kind of thing is this that we leave. What impression does it give our hosts after we are gone? And what kind of impression do we go out with of our hosts?
Do we impress them as to motivate them that we visit them again or do we aspire to have them suggest to us that next time we meet them at a different place because we embarrassed them there? Life is one mystery we need to understand through our own codes of lives. As human beings we need to be walking adverts telling people that; look at me, be like me; without us saying any single word. Every time we meet people, we need to shade a situation that will inspire everyone to want to hang around us even further more. We need to nurture people, animals and other creatures.
For instance when people hear your name, do they salivate or do they associate you with pleasure? Do they laugh or smile just by hearing your voice or a mention of your name? Do they anchor your name to emotions, mental or physical sustenance? Do they get annoyed or bitter by the mere fact that someone mentioned about you? Do they shiver with fear or dread to see you right up?
To get the best out of life we need to be nature’s nurture. We need to intend to aspire to inspire people in all areas of our lives. We need to be living examples of how the world becomes conscious of itself. We have to paint a smile on everyone; the sad and the lightened up alike. We need to nurture them with whatever we have; we need to become a source of support, happiness, encouragement and inspiration for them.
A full human being has a big heart. His intention is to honour the greatness in people’s lives and hearts. We need not have reasons to suspect, judge or criticise anyone we meet along the way just because we haven’t met them before, but need to aspire to search for their higher qualities hidden in them and tap them for nature’s use to develop humanity. The bible says, “Be kind to strangers because there are those who entertained Angels without knowing”. Mike Lipkin says that, “There are no such creatures as strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet”.
This life we live in was meant to be of abundance in every sector of life but our selfishness and greediness, makes the resources seem dwindling yet they are just in the hands of the few who are unable to share with others. It’s through our actions and our words by which people are able to see who we are and what we are. In all realms of our lives, we are nothing but a set of thoughts in someone else’s mind. People will remember us by the way we treated them or the way they treated us. What these thoughts are, only we are able to decipher.
Lets recreate ourselves into human candies and be able to have an intention of spreading an aroma of goodness that inspires those we meet and talk to; those who see us and read about us; those who have heard about us and those who are yet to hear about us. Let our names be a symbol of happiness and a tag of hope in people’s lives. Let’s make our lives so simple that even our own thinking doesn’t complicate our own course of actions. Let’s be nature’s nurture in all kinds of actions we take and words we say. And everything we desire to have will abundantly be delivered to us. That’s how the power of intention works.

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