Damn Zambians dumb over Rupiah’s parentage
 By Mazuba Mwiinga
Haven’t we been likened to a second hand goods kind of a nation before? And haven’t we been before labelled as an evasive and complacent people? Where we are expected to act with nobility, we sink our heads in sand with shameless incapacity. Where we need to be sensible and show restraint and tolerance we bark like drunken Condors. What sort of species are we anyway?

Does anyone care about the Rupiah parentage issue? From my pigeon hole, a complacent nation with its evasive citizens, I see no one getting interested. Is it because a couple of us fall under Article 34 of the Constitution? That our parents or one of them is damn foreigner? That we don’t want to throw stones at some one because we live in glass houses?

Do we even know what allegiance to your nation means? Or learning from our ugly past gives us today? Only yesterday we were throwing tantrums on FTJ because of his atrocious leadership; reason, he was highly and over whelming suspected of being a foreigner. Where did it leave us? A leader with two faces and compromised allegiance. But we stand aloof and think this whole matter is political. Well, political it may be; but do we know that politics can either rule or ruin our lives?

A true son and daughter of a nation always take each matter that arises on a Constitution with great interest. A legally embedded mind always looks at the scale of justice, no matter how bad the law may seem to be to society; and speaking of the Supreme law of the land; the Constitution, no single person need to get away with it, until specks of suspicions are cleared.

Rupiah’s parentage is being challenged, but no sane Zambian seems to have interest in what is going on. Its only when the court will decide in favour of the complainant that someone will say, “Oh, so he wasn’t qualified!” Zambians with their attitudes towards patriotisms sucks.

Just a few months ago, world hero, Barack Obama was on hot rocks with his birth. He had to produce his birth certificate to satisfy the American populace that indeed he was qualified to lead the great nation of the World. Hasn’t he done that, the presumption would have remained that he was illegally ruling US and the road to impeachment would have been drawn.

Seemingly simple matters have destroyed nations because its citizens were so careless in reading between the lines. Allowing the un-allowable to happen is excusing bigger problems in future, because everyone will be referring to precedence. We need to know, and know very well whether Rupiah’s father was a Malawian or not.

History has it that in Malawi, late Hastings Kamuzu Banda ruled that country for close to 30 years, and it was only revealed after his death that in fact he wasn’t Malawian. And when you look at the kind of leader he was, you would cry with dreadful memories.

We have said it before, that making laws that hinge on personalities is setting traps that will hook you or your friends in future. And that’s what Rupiah’s friend late FTJ did in 1996 when his government pasted this parentage issue in the Constitution just to bar KK from intending to go back to State house.

Zambians need to seek the truth now; for it’s only now and never. Keeping mute and as dumb as a dumb just shows how insensitive this nation is over important and precarious matters.

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1 comment:

  1. It is rather too late because Rupiah Banda has been in government even before Zambia became independent...
    If he is found to be a non-Zambian, does it mean undoing all that he has been acting on whilst he has been a minister during Kaunda times and during his tenure as State president?
    This does not mean that your observation is invalid. It is very valuable because this is the third time that it has happened now. Kaunda was was of Malawian parentage. Chiluba of Congolese parentage...
    The judiciary system needs to stand up and check these matters before swearing or allowing these people to be adopted for such high office.
    This could explain why Chiluba was not so patriotic in a certain way...