PF-UPND Pact needs a leader urgently

by mazuba mwiinga

To win a war, one always need to get facts correct, and always talk to the superior war mongers honestly; and Pact people should honestly talk about the Pact, if this Pact is to be a success political story. Praising and singing sweet tunes compounded with bitter tastes sometimes, will not take the Pact to State House; only honest talk compounded with resolute humility on the part of the leaders is one key to alleluia for the Pact.

When the anxiety in the Pact it shows its colours at the grass roots then one wonders how well placed is its foundation. If I have to be a devil’s advocates a little bit, as I have been plodding my Pact friends before, delaying announcing the Pact leader will cost this grouping heavily. In my tribe Tonga, we have a saying; ntole-ntole ijania kali kule, literary meaning that procrastination leads to disaster.

The fact that the Pact competed itself in the Ward by elections, is an indication that this Pact is poorly constructed at the grassroots. The founders have concentrated much in urban areas and when there is a Parliamentary by election ignoring the fact that the MMD always gunners wining votes from rural areas where the opposition never sees fit to sale it self.

The Pact’s failure to resolve the impasse and decide to go ahead with the competition is a bold sad marking in the Pact’s sense of agreement. It has shown lack of decisiveness and direction and commitment to that which they want to achieve. It has shown lack of honesty and sincerity as The Post editorial of July 15, 2010 states. It also shows lack of humility among those who are on the driving seat of the Pact. They have quoted pride for themselves and can’t let go of their political ego to allow for selfless mission to take root.

And this makes me suspicious that it could be the reason why the Pact is hesitating to choose a leader. The two parties are scared of themselves. No-one is ready to give way to the other once such a time of heating the nail on the head comes. As The Post has reminded them; there will be no running away because the Pact will only need one leader and the earlier they choose the better the time to heal the wounds of those who will be injured by the decision.

They can run now, but will never hide from the realty of what is there. We are now entering August, and next year this time around, could be time for voting. Meaning, this Pact has less than 12 months to choose and sale its leader. They shouldn’t take it for granted that both leaders are known country wide. That’s a black out assumption that may see them weep like children in broad day light when the other-wise happens. Having counsellors in urban areas is nothing for this Pact, for they just control a meagre section of the politics of this nation.

If this Pact continues its hide-and-seek game they will be awakened by a rude shock when they will be told that actually we are voting in July 2011. And that’s when they will see how, even the most well known horse rider, throws up the rope because he cant take the fusion of adrenaline flowing in his veins.

We all need this pack of MMD government to march out. But we can’t just give them marching orders without knowing exactly who we are replacing them with. Pact is not a Party. It’s two Parties working together. Working together for whom and in which ways? We need this Pact to transform itself now, in a sensible grouping with a leader and clearly defined structures of operation which the people they claim to have given them the mandate to be together need to know. If they wait for tomorrow, the sun may not rise and only darkness may be there for them to gnash their teeth with pain and shame. You can’t win an election over night. The time to act is now!

Copyright: July 19, 2010

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