Prosecute Lucy too

by mazuba mwiinga

The principle of rule of law we have umpteenthly been preached at for as far back as 1990 and beyond, to be the governing pillar of this nation, is frighteningly being continued to be abated by those who feel are so powerful and in charge of everything this country may have.

Day in and day out, we see members of the executive organ of our government breach the laws of our land with impunity.

Today we are still talking about Dr. Musonda and his shooting spree, when even the case of Mumfumbwe driver is still not yet over, and we now read a Deputy Minister Lucy Changwe bouncing a cheque with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

In court today is Mr. George Mpombo over a similar charge of bouncing a cheque of a similar amount, and he is facing litigation for his alleged crime.

Now the heavy question on our back is: “will the State exercise its duty and prosecute Changwe too?” The answer is hardly imagined; for if today Dr. Musonda drives the streets of our cities and towns, his pistol brandishing his thighs, having a slumber of conscienceless bullet blood on his hands, what then, do we expect from the Police for this financial crime now allegedly committed by Ms. Changwe?

Our laws have been totally subjected to a pure mockery of rule by law formula; in which a government applies its laws only on those who are on the other side of its ideas and sinks its head in the sand when one of them crosses the line.

This dear country was founded on laws which are supposed to mete punishment to any one who breaches them as Article 1 (3) of our Constitution states: “This Constitution shall bind all persons in the Republic of Zambia and all Legislative, Executive and Judicial organs of the State at all levels”, meaning that no one is above the law.

Our country is a republic and not an oligarchy where the leader decides who to chop the head and who to spare. This legacy the Rupiah Banda is creating today will surely leave a lot of scars for the future generation to wonder at and call for retribution; and when that time comes, umwi uyakulila. (Someone will weep like a spanked child)

Daylight breaking of the law and getting away with it as if nothing has happened is such a serious set back to our democracy. The day the tears of our people will stop flowing down their cheeks, calling for peace would sound a faint voice from a sealed tin. We are really tired of lawlessness in our country done by the same people who are supposed to be executing the laws.

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