MMD's Last kicks

by Mazuba Mwiinga

Have we forgotten the proverbial phrase, “the last kicks of a dying horse”? Just like an old dog that has lost all its teeth breathes out its frustration, inefficiency and anger through uncalled for barking, so is what Rupiah Banda and his friend Mulongoti are doing.

Their stolen MMD is giving them headache all nights long. They know very well to their last tissue of their skin that they are powerless, toothless and cant bite and that’s why today they are turning to innocent, jobless, poverty stricken and vulnerable youths for help and want to turn them into ‘militia men’. What a shame!

Just as Global Justice boss, John Phiri says (The Post January 11, 2010) that Youths must realize that their role in politics is critical because they determine the course of a nation, its therefore incumbent upon youths to for once sit down and ask them selves what it is that they gain in violence apart from more misery and jumping to the other side of the law.

Youths should know that, without them, people like Mulongoti are nothing. Therefore they have the power and energy to bite; and to bite deeply and fiercely; so they should use this power objectively, sensibly and rationally and say no to violence!

Mulongoti and his cohorts who are today championing violence as a formula to intimidate their adversaries, are on the trail end of their political lives and should not be heeded or followed with their destructive and detrimental ideas. Youths in this day and age should fight for their rightful role in society and desist from being used like toilet paper by those selfish fat bellies who think that they own Zambia like a private personal-to-holder asset.

Zambia belongs to us all, and youths have the majority share holding, so they should realize this power and exercise it promptly and judiciously. Their vote is more powerful than money and liquor; and unless and until they champion that cause, the likes of Mulongoti will ever be barking from the terraces as he sends them to do the dirty job of violence which will take Mulongoti back to power and leave them in stinky Police hell of cells.

In 2010 and beyond, Zambia needs decent, collected and issue based politics. We have enough history of political violence that mostly centres on youths; and those so called adults, who are the drafters of this violence, should ask themselves the kind of Zambia they would love to leave their children in, when their time of calling comes. They should always know that, the decisions and actions they make today, determines the lives of their children tomorrow, and the history their children will read in future.

How will they want to be remembered in those history text books; as political hooligans or stone throwers or violence skimmers?

This is not colonial Zambia. We are mature enough to do better than this. Most of us youth inclusive have gone to school and are able to distinguish between a thug and a saint. Let’s do the right thing Zambia.

Copyright: January 11, 2010 Mazuba Mwiinga

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