MMD's barbaric threats

by Mazuba Mwiinga

How disgusting, immoral, barbaric and out lawful, for the MMD leadership to sanction a broad day light gang-raping of Edith Nawaki? Is this how far this ailing government of retarded leaders can desperately go, in their effortless energies to gunner for support?
Have they forgotten their Pre-school playgroup Moral Education lessons; if at all they even went through class that: ‘’he who kills with a sword will die by a sword’’; in one way or the other?Hearing Chris Chalwe, MMD Lusaka youth chairman (The Post January 19, 2010) saying on Muvi Tv that him and the other MMD youths will gang rape Ms Nawaki, is such a horrible characteristic of what has come of the MMD leadership.
What kind of a man, born of a woman, stand in broad day light with all his senses and pride himself in raping a woman; and the Police are mute over the matter? Is it drama or some show to laugh about? This is not just a gruesome threat on an innocent Zambian’s life exercising her right of opinion, but also a crime in the making on part of Chalwe; and the law needs to ask him why such an out lawful behaviour.
This is the same Chalwe today facing litigation in court for allegedly assaulting reporters some months past; and seems to be enjoying himself with his barbaric behaviour but the MMD top brass like an Ostrich, are sinking their heads in the sand as if nothing is on course.
What a dirty leadership to sing praise for and allow to lead our morally stable nation!Just a few days ago Nawaki was their heroine singing praises to their chorus but because today she doesn’t want to be stained with the current sordid image of MMD and its distasteful leadership; then they unleash menacing thugs on her? What an un shameful MMD that has reincarnated itself into a club of terminators instead of transformers of life.
Nawaki is not just a politician, but a mother and sister as well; a human being who deserves human respect and dignity. How will Chalwe in his right thinking mind if at all he thinks rightly; feel if some man declares such an immoral act on his sister or daughter or mother? What a shame! So this is the fabric of what the MMD leadership is made of; a coil of violence and criminality? What a squalid blend!
Chalwe and his uncivilised thugs should know that today those in authority may protect them from prosecution and enjoy all the ‘immunities’ they think they have, but posterity will judge them; and judge them fairly; because the sins they are sowing today, will surely give them a very corresponding harvest tomorrow. It has happened before; and no way will Chalwe be an exception when the day of reckoning comes.

Copyright: January 19, 2010 mazuba mwiinga

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