Zambian Minister says Press Freedom is communal

by Mazuba Mwiinga

Zambia’s Southern Province minister has said that Press Freedom is communal, but the results are individual.

“Press freedom is communal but the results are individual and perhaps God will even judge us that way”, he said.

Addressing local journalists in tourist capital Livingstone on Sunday to mark this year’s World Press Freedom day, Honorable Daniel Munkombwe reiterated that the “press is a mirror from which society sees its wrongs and rights and (that) an independent media is an essential entity for the development of any nation”.

Munkombwe further challenged journalists to read more in order for them to improve on their reportage.

“You should learn to improve yourselves by reading more and be focused when doing your work. You should stop promoting divisions and intimidating people into submission”

He said that Zambia has the freest media in the region but that some sections of the media are abusing this freedom by personalized reporting.

“Some newspapers even before you open its pages you already know what’s there. Its busy destroying Rupiah Banda (Zambia’s president) and what the other two opposition Parties say is right. No sensible person can surely trust such kind of reporting”.

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