I Walk the City

I walk the City

by Mazuba Mwiinga

The direst and beautiful city of our country Zambia;
Hosting one of the famous 5 wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls
It has become well known as the Tourist Capital.

This is a city with people of all colors and shades.
It’s a city full of amazing postures and pictures around.

Last night, I walked the city on the hard drive lane of central Park
Some call it the rain bow lane; others say the big show arena.

Doped with shock; my eyes dimmed with the bright light of outer meat which reflected from a distance.

Like a mirror demonstrating the law of reflection,
Bald and gallant angels stood like porcupines waiting for a stab.

Bum shorts plastered round their bums
Waists wriggled with frivolous calamity

Mini skirts flapping just below their G-strings
Legs were apart like a goalie about to serve a penalty kick

“I am Sexistina. Want some taste, sugar?” she asked.

“I am Fuckerina. Ever tasted some juicy creamy?” another called.

“I am Blowjobbina. Wanna feel the tip of my watery tongue?” the thick lipped mongrel Amazon woman hissed.

Wondering, I picked a piece of paper on the ground. Scribbled on it were words SIVES. They never meant anything to me. Whoever wrote them may have been one of those out of school pick-ups who always think whatever they see is a puzzle.

Just as I was about to walk further north, my back felt heavy with a conscious load. As a man with an ear to the ground, I looked back. Just a few meters away, stood a chick!

Slender; tender; eager young girl. 20 years? No; 21? No. Then she should have been younger. 18? Could be; 17? May be? 16? I think so!

She came closer; looked into my eyes with her amazingly watery white eyes.
My heart missed two beats and I found myself gasping for normal breath.
The closer she came to me, the more the heat I could feel emanating from her almost naked body.
At zero space with my belly, she stopped and stood akimbo.
A broad smile witchingly sent a chilling breeze into my nerves.

I tittered with anxiety. Her nose let out small dots of sweat.
She looked down my belt level and up into my eyes again.
The left side of her blouse strapping was down, exposing an amazingly protruding cone of the most enticing woman’s limb I have ever seen.
The tit wasn’t thick nor thin, but sentimental.

I gulped several balls of saliva trying to resist running the tip of my tongue round it.
Still in this quagmire of indecision,
The right strapping too went down, and a twin cone of a breast beamed at me.
I remembered my old days in the village ‘a frog eats insects that hovers around it’.

I moved my hand, but it couldn’t move.
I said something, but no word came out.
I opened my mouth, but the tongue remained stuck in its room.
I then realized, I was dumb struck

Then below my belt, a war broke out.
Scud missiles started cocking ready for the battle
I tried to resist the soldiers from going a head,
But the General seemed ready for the match

I felt my belt click, then something moved into my trousers
It was her hand
She saw what was going on down there
Her chest was by now completely vacant

No sooner had she almost got hold of the General to give further instructions
I gasped with frenzy, but never let out a word

She ran her tongue on my cheeks and held my neck with her tender fingers
She pulled her extra-min up and loo, there was no cover below
Then I felt like urinating

Slowly but surely, like a mangrove Mantis
I retreated with all my guts and disappeared in the shadows

She stood there dazed with shock
Her killer posture illuminating the streets of the city
Waiting to pounce on any weak belt…..
Last night…I walked the city.

Copyright: 2009 Mazuba Mwiinga

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