Of Time Defilement and Art of Power

Of Time Defilement and Art of Power
by mazuba mwiinga

“If you want to do it, do it fast”. Ever heard of this phrase? No prizes for guessing what I am alluding to here. King of the Jews in the story of Salvation towards Calvary says it to Judas.

When I expected the iron hand of power to show definitive illustration to the tattered formation of the tyrannical opponents the mellowest way to do it; all I heard was the opposite from Dr JP. Doesn’t the word opposition in Africa akin to doing the opposite of those in power, even when the powerful are doing it better?

Many thanks to J. R Rim; he tells me that, “Many people make the mistake of saving money by wasting time.”

Instead of teaching me a ballot lesson of yapping for the wrong sense, Dr JP chose to seal the loopholes of the ballot with his squads, making sure every penny saved was paid for the right service; and in the instance got overboard man’s creation of scheduled activity and wasted his earnings.

Did JP ever take time to read Walton Goggins’ works to understand the essence of time? In one of his thoughtful theories Goggins opines; “I wrote about wasting time, which I suppose is a part of the great human journey. We're supposed to wallow, to go through the desert without water for a long time so that when we finally drink it, we'll truly need it and we won't spill a drop. It's about being present.”

At the look of the whole uproarious extravaganza JP had beforehand, he forgot to leave the best dance queen to the last minutes of the show. He dropped all he had on the way and left no drop to quench when the hour of dire need for the water came. Wasn’t that the highest defilement of time ever power-pointed?

Surely JP really even missed Martha Beck’s books during his run for his PhD? Well I looked at one of her articles and one thought is too sharp to avoid to share. She says, “All mental hygiene is based on the core practice of doing nothing. Most of us are good at wasting time, staring at the wall while telling ourselves we should be working. We call this doing nothing, but our brains are furiously active. We think constantly, and our thinking is often rife with distress.”

But wait a minute? Of all the senses, could really JP, miss such a life-death appointment or was it a mock-play? Looking forward to a Ministerial Post that comes out-side Parliament?

If you have to do it, do it fast; says the King of the Jews.

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