Sex workers are just consultants
by mazuba mwiinga
So interesting isn’t to see how the blame for men’s promiscuity and irresponsibility in their homes being put on the presence of sex workers in our townships. Isn’t this a total sign of the highest hypocrisy among our township dwellers?

The lives we lead are as a result of the choices we make and not the chances we take. Each one of us was born free of discrimination; free of slavery and free of being forced to do that which they don’t want to; this is largely because God created man under the natural law of ‘free will’; the free will to choose his or her path in life; free will to choose the either end of the spectrum of society. Some choose to take things that do not belong to them and society labels them as ‘thieves’. Some choose to be single and have sex with multiple partners for the pleasure of it and society labels them as, ‘Casanovas’ or prostitutes.  Some women and men choose to be single and exchange sexual intercourse with men and women for money or material things and we call them sex workers.

And here a question begs for answers; if these exposed women are called sex workers, should we then blame them for offering a service to a customer who wants it? When have we ever blamed a shop keeper for selling us groceries as a reason for our having no money in our homes or bank accounts?

These women are workers just like any other worker we know of in the country. They are in consultancy business just like any consultant; meaning that they have skills that many married women do not have. And any consultant will tell you that, never do they force their clients to access their services. The only thing they do is advertise their presence so that they are known. What happens next is none of their business, as long as they satisfy their clients with their services.

These innocent women do not at any time follow their clients in their homes and ask for sex in exchange for money. They are found in lodges, hotels and some first class ones do their trade in their cozy residences. Men and I repeat men; most of them married, are the ones who follow these women to pay for sex; and I ask why do they leave their homes and their wives and go for these sex workers? This is the cardinal question these married women should find a correct answer to.

We have a lot of companies in this country who still hire consultants to do certain activities for them, yet they have workers who are supposed to do these activities; and any good human resources personnel will tell you that, this happens in situations where this company’s workforce is full of personnel who are not skilled in the particular services that are supposed to be performed, or its works are incompetent, or lazy, or are non-performers or ineffective and inefficient or are just amateurs who need more training to be professional at their job.

Our beautiful and lovely sex workers should be left alone because they do not force any man to sleep with them. These women have continued plying their trade because there is a high availability of customers. If men stopped going to these women, what do you think will happen? They definitely will leave the places where they are and do business elsewhere, or they will change their career focus to something else because they are not prostitutes but sex workers. They offer sex in exchange for money or material things, and not just having sex for the pleasure of it as a prostitute does. A prostitute has an insatiable appetite for sex hence getting it from any man at any time in exchange for nothing. A sex worker does it because she wants food on the table or money to send children to school or clothes to put on among other basic human needs.

So my advice to these cry baby women who think their marriages are on rocks because of these sex workers, they are just lying to themselves because the main problem is either in them as women and wives or is in their men or husbands and not in these sex workers. Even if we have to chase all the sex workers in these compounds successfully, the problems in their marriages will not end. It takes two to tangle.
Without men in the vicinity, these sex workers can’t exist too. They are just mere consultants ready to offer a service to a hungry client. Therefore married women should not hide their failure to look after their homes behind the presence of these sex workers.


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