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Aspire to Inspire

By Mazuba Mwiinga

Intention ii:            The Preamble

 “People who are selfish have little problems but they seem big. People who are generous have big problems but they seem little.” -  Mother Theresa 

POWER of INTENTION - Aspire to Inspire, is an inspiration of the life, a human being undergoes in their search for their destiny. So often as people very few of us know what we want to do in life and those who know what they want to do in life, often time dare not to dare walk their talk. Times they try to put foot to the peddle and ride their passion in search of their dream life, just one pitfall, sees them back to point one. Little do they realise that actually, a pitfall was not a mere accident, but a deliberate point in one’s life to see how creative and resourceful they are for them to successfully use this dream or destiny once they acquire it. 

Each day of our life, when we wake up, we always all look forward to something new to happen; something we have never experienced before, and often times such a thing we always expect it to be good. And indeed every time we wake up, so many good things do happen to us and our lives, but very few see these things or occurrences. This is so because, we fail to connect yesterday to today and see the difference. All we see is the sky, the sun and the house we live in. Our observation of our breath, our face, our clothes, our neighbour, our blankets, our surrounding doesn’t find space in our lives because we take them for granted.

Paulo Coelho said that “when each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognise the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises”. We have conditioned ourselves to certain formulas of life; to a routine that is unconsciously programmed so much that when we skip a certain point of action we feel we have wronged our body or our conscious. Our whole day goes out as ‘awkward’, boring, lifeless and unproductive. In this realm of situation, even when a golden opportunity lurks on us, we are unable to see it or smell it, because we are very unfamiliar with its territory for our sixth sense doesn’t operate; its dead and it can’t differentiate yesterday from today. 

Our personal problems become huger than the problems of others. Our needs become more serious than the needs of others. Our happiness means so much to us than the happiness of others. This is what Mother Theresa says, “People who are selfish have little problems but they seem big. People who are generous have big problems but they seem little”. The language of these fellows is that of arrogance as if they are the only ones who suffered to be where they are; even when they didn’t even suffer as the word in the ordinary sense of it suggests. But because they are deluded with this spirit of ‘me, myself and I’ attitude they, encircle themselves to give an impression that they ‘worked’ for what they have and need not be bothered. In their day to day life, they never intend to aspire to inspire anyone human being as to how they managed to be where they are. They owe their success to no-one but themselves deceiving those they come in contact with. 

To be a human being we need to sacrifice our own happiness for the sake of others. We need to look into our own closet and realise that we are no better than others. We need to perform an act of generosity once in a while as a remedy for such an act that was performed by others to us somewhere. A certain Hebrew saying, codes that, “He who has saved one life has as it were saved the world entire”. A human being need to chart a life of making others feel human, loved and cared for. We don’t need money to do that, neither do we need to be wealth for us to do that. A word that is able to make someone smile even in times of total depression brings the other side of life to that person. A hand that is able to lift someone who is completely tired of walking, is a gesture showing that, no man is an island.

Of course, we all need a good, happy life, where everything we need comes as we need it. But very few have managed to have such needs yet day in and day out they wake up and go for work and get paid lump sums at the end of the months; but they aren’t able to get what they need; their money grows wings and flies away as soon as they get it and they curse that they aren’t paid well. Little do they know that, to amass wealth, the Babylonians of the Bible did one act of generosity every time they got paid or got profit from their businesses; they shared tenth of their dues to the poor, the hopeless, the needy and the strangers and in turn their wages were increased two folds. That’s the miracle of life. Blessed is the hand that gives. Even Proverbs Chapter 3 Verses 9 - 10 puts it so clear. It reads, “Honour the Lord with your wealth, with the fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine”. 

In giving we are performing an act of aspiration that inspires the given to give out too in their own small ways. And when the whole world turns out to be a ‘giving’ world; which person will starve or get thirsty? Who will walk naked or cry for help? Chapter 11, Verses 24 – 25 of Proverbs, Solomon the wise man of God says, “One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”

The rub at our necks therefore should be: Are we just making a living or are we making a difference in our lives? What is our intention? We need to know that only those who have a powerful sense of purpose always want to make a positive difference to the people around them.

POWER OF INTENTION – Aspire to Inspire draws the zeal to inspire us to have to do whatever it takes for us to excite people into action. It’s here to wake us up to the reality of how powerful and influential our intentions are in making our lives be how we want them to be, depending on what we do, say and think. As George Bernard Shaw says that, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose”. And the moment one takes a powerful purpose or intention it will make them unstoppable. People, who always intend to aspire to inspire others, always get inspired themselves to live their lives to the fullest. Just read the story of Saul who later became Paul after that miraculous meeting with Jesus on his way to carry on his destructive works. Paul’s story captivates anyone’s blood stream. It inspires even those who do not believe in the Bible because it’s an ordinary story of an ordinary man who becomes the centre of events with an intention of carrying good actions, words and thoughts over evil ones. It’s an epic or an adventurous story of hell turned into heaven.

Or take for instance the story of Job or Jonah again in the bible. It’s not all about faith alone we find in these stories, but about courage, resilience and perseverance too in the ordinary sense of an ordinary person like me and you, which are followed with positive intentions. What about the story of Christ Jesus himself? It is all about an intention to inspire the down trodden; to pump hope and happiness in them; to aspire to bring joy in the lives of those who think they have reached the end of their journey, with an intention of showing how tremendous God’s love to His people is. Just the mere fact that some people today call Jesus as ‘one of the most influential and great teachers to have walked on the Earth’ even when he is more than that, signifies how he inspired and has continued to inspire people, believers and none believers alike because they still cheer at his intention. 

It’s not true that such aspirations are only meant for those ‘chosen ones’; no. Everyone is chosen. Everyone has the capacity to intend to inspire anyone and even intend to change his or her life because none of us are at the same level in life, neither do we experience the same things nor do we have the same talents. We are all unique in our own ways and it’s this specialty that must give us the drive to uplift others’ lives and bring uniformity of purpose to everyone, as long as we faithfully intend it with our thoughts, actions and words.

Those ordinary men and women who have chosen to abide by their gifts and intended to aspire to inspire others, have come in contact with inner joy and happiness in their lives, and miracles have followed them everywhere they have gone. Their wealth and prosperity is intact because it’s intended on a foundation that is unbreakable – the foundation of inner joy; because inner joy is the fuel of success. You can always be whatever you want to be, or do whatever you want to do in life; just intend it, believe in it, talk about it, act like you have it and think about it, and you will see what happens to your life. That’s what I know because I have seen it, that’s the power of intention.

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