Secrets of my Heart
What you resist persists
by Mazuba Mwiinga

Have you never wondered why stubborn children who always get smacks from their parents or teachers because of their behavior never change despite being whacked time to time?

It’s simple. We focus all our attention on their stubbornness and how we detest it and hate it so much. And the more we try to push them away, the more they go ahead with their behavior, hating us even more.

Philosopher Carl Jean (1875 – 1961) says, “What we resist persists”. Look around the world today. How many Anti-AIDS organizations do we have? How many Anti-Smoking Groups do we have? How many Ant-Alcohol Drinking Clubs do we have? How many Anti-Terrorism Squads, do we have? So many; and have we managed to fight these vices we want to wipe away? No.

The more we try to push away AIDS by talking about it so much, the more people get infested and die. The more we talk about bad habits of smoking and drinking, the more people become smoking addicts and alcoholics. The more we talk about terrorism the more terror deaths occur.

Why? It’s because the formula for happiness and peace is not to push away that which we don’t want to see or to have. The formula for peace and happiness is to focus on the goodness that we want to see and not on the bad that is happening. The more we talk about these bad things the more we are telling the mind that this is what we want to be seeing. This is so because the mind doesn’t care what we feed it. It accepts and transforms it into reality. When we talk more and more about AIDS, it stores AIDS messages and turn them into reality to society.

The late Mother Theresa once said that, “If you invite me to an Anti-War rally I won’t come. But if you invite me to a Pro-Peace Rally I will come”.

This is the logic of things. Mother Theresa knew how the mind works. She was only going to support a Pro-Peace activity and not an Anti-War activity. This is so because when you talk about Peace always your mind quotes peace and gives you peace. If you talk more about Anti-War, the mind will quote war and give you more war.

So if you want to fight War, be Pro-Peace. If you want to fight Hunger, be Pro-Having A lot of Food for everyone. If you want to fight AIDS be Pro-Health and not Anti-AIDS because the mind will always be quoting AIDS and give you more AIDS incidences around you.

Do you know why The Post newspaper succeeded in making sure Mr. Sata won the elections? They just focused on being Pro-PF in their reporting and forgot about being Anti-MMD or any other Party. And the natural law of nature gathered and gave them what they supported for; PF.

This applies to all our lives. The people we hate and dislike are the people we always meet and talk to because we talk a lot about them. The situations we don’t want in our lives continue to happen to us because we often think about them and talk about them so much. We tell people how we don’t like them or how we detest them or how we wish they could go away. We resist them in our lives; but the more we push them away, the more they recur to us.

What we need to do, is to focus on what we want and not want we don’t want to happen to us. The more we focus on what we want and ignore those things that we don’t want; we will find that what we don’t want falls away on its own.

Have you ever experienced a situation whereby, you are talking to your friend, then someone else tries to join you and you ignore him; what will he do? He will leave without being told. But if you give him an ear, he will join you even when you haven’t invited him. That’s how nature works.

You can’t shout, “No!”, and expect the “No”, to turn into “Yes”. When you say “No”, to something, it won’t go away because “No” means don’t go.

Joseph Campbell (1904 – 1987) said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”. You need to be happy because inner joy is the source of success. Faith is trusting in the good. And fear is hoping in the bad. Focus on things you like most and those that you don’t like will vanish away.
Wednesday, November 9, 2011 (15:23hrs)

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