Chiluba's master dribbling at work

by Mazuba Mwiinga

UNTIL I read Sata’s words in The Post (March 5, 2010) that Chiluba’s loyalty to Rupiah is false, I had thought I was the only one with such boggling ideas, that there is something queer about Chiluba’s loyalty to Rupiah.

Though not my vantage point in seeing Chiluba’s tantrums as that of Sata, I have stifling feelings that Chiluba as a self confessed ‘master dribbler’, doesn’t just decide to embarrass himself in the public for nothing. It may sound fun and a bit silly; but if you put two and two together, you will realize that Chiluba’s hero-worshiping Rupiah has a lot to do with his wife Regina who is currently waiting for the out come of her appeal over her sentence.

Many public opinion sale the idea that Chiluba is paying back for his acquittal, but I think other wise because for the look of things, the out come of Chiluba’s case was a bit of a 50 – 50 chance for him to see the inside of jail even if he was going to be found guilty, even if Mr. Mwanawasa was still alive today; for a pardon was highly likely to have been offered.

Many Zambians know Chiluba’s democratic principles and system that it is that of pull down and destroy; for his own gain. He knows which people to target with his venoms so as to please Rupiah who has shown us that as Master for this country, he is capable of driving the wheels of justice in any direction he so wishes.

Chiluba knows so well that every hero becomes a bore at last; and he is therefore using Rupiah’s lack of political tactic to mess things around and divert the nation’s attention to his presence while some heavy hands some where is busy tightening the bolts of justice for his wife. We saw this happening in 1996 when our Constitutional debate had its attention on clauses like ‘parentage’ and ‘third term’ while no one talked about the 50 plus one per cent which was secretly removed.

He knows that human beings treat power like a candy in the hands of a child - never to be shared with anybody so much that they stay on and on, driving the ship towards an iceberg, cursing the screaming passengers that it is their eyes playing tricks on them! And he does these public screams and scorn in support of Rupiah just to blind Rupiah from seeing the reality of his political picture so that he could think Chiluba is doing him a favor, when in fact Chiluba knows that he is creating a strategy for his own benefits.

Chiluba I believe is so scared that should nothing happen to his wife’s appeal by 2011, he may have to leave Zambia without his wife, because what he wants is to have his wife’s case be done with before 2011 elections and bid Zambia fare well for good.

Copyright: Mazuba Mwiinga 16.03.2010

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