Chiluba reaped the presidency he did not sow

by Mazuba Mwiinga

Its really thought poking and disgusting hearing sentiments from one bragging man Frederick Chiluba that he called for the abolition of one-party state in 1989.

If what Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika testifies in the book by Amos Malupenga Levy Patrick Mwanawasa – an incentive for posterity; is to go by, then Chiluba is a blue liar. He is a broad day light liar because if he called for the abolishing of the one-party state, why then did he stand on the fence and in several instances abandoned his friends when they were busy organizing the Garden House meeting?

On Page 45 of the book: Levy Patrick Mwanawasa – An incentive for posterity, Aka says in part; “Again, there was a question of chairing. My idea was that Mr. Chiluba who was ZCTU Chairman-General, should be our chairman and I was very disappointed when he declined to take up the chairmanship. I was even more disappointed for the reasons he gave for declining”.

Chiluba declined to be part of the revolutionary team because he was scared of Kaunda. He was a coward who wanted to reap where he did not sow. He wanted to watch the game from the dressing room and appear when the storm was calm just loot what his courageous and learned friends fought and risked for.

According to Aka’s testimony, Chiluba was supposed to sign the invitation letters as ZCTU Chairman-General together with Aka who was Economics Association of Zambia Chairman, but Chiluba again refused to sign the invitation letters. Aka took the letters to Newstead Zimba who too was a Unionist but he refused to sign them so was Derrick Chitala.

It only took Aka’s courage and militancy for him to go it alone and signed the invitation letters and sent them to people.

Aka further on Page 47 of the book says, “The night before the meeting I was getting pressure from Mr. Chiluba that we should not hold the meeting because they had information that we would be arrested. I was very annoyed to get that message…..Mr. Chiluba twice sent his director of research at ZCTU, Mr. James Mazyopa to persuade me not to go to Garden House for the meeting the following day….I showed Mr. Mazyopa the door and asked him to go and tell Mr. Chiluba and his people, ‘By tomorrow morning, they should decide whether they are with us or with Kaunda…’”.

According to Aka, it was the late Remmy Mushota who came later in the evening and encouraged him to go ahead with the meeting. Remmy is quoted as having had said “Whether they (invited people) come or not, we should go ahead with the meeting, even if we are just going to be the two of us.”

Aka states that on the day of the meeting Chiluba and Chitalu Sampa who was ZCTU Financial secretary instead of going to the Garden House Meeting, rather went to State House for a ZIMCO meeting, but the meeting was cancelled and Chiluba and Sampa started making phone calls to check if Aka and friends were arrested.

Chiluba and Sampa only appeared close to 12:00hrs when they had heard that actually Garden House was not just packed but also fired up.

So for Chiluba to brag about bringing multi-partism is a total twist of the real truth about people who were the founding fathers of MMD and champions of multi-party politics in this country. Chiluba used their courage to gain his lust for power. Actually as one reads the book further, you are able to see that Chiluba actually hoodwinked his way up the leadership of MMD.

In fact Chiluba did not win the 1991 elections because people wanted him; but rather it was an impulse vote from people who were frustrated, hungry and angry and just needed a change of Presidency. In such a situation of limited choices, people were ready to vote anything the moved regardless of whether it’s sensible or not.

It’s so sickening to continue hearing a man who is supposed to be enjoying his retirement, continue advertising his arrogance, lies and deceit to us. Why doesn’t he just shut up and enjoy his acquittal.

Copyright: February 25, 2010

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