Zambia's moral credo gone berserk

Zambia's moral credo gone berserk

by Mazuba Mwiinga

Our human moral credo in Zambia has gone berserk. Talking of politics and immaturity in our country sets a very sad and retrogressive step to our once improving democracy.

Politicians should always know, if they didn’t, that to politic; is to show good judgment in all their utterances and actions. That’s to say, they need to be wise, prudent, sensible, advisable and astute because that’s what politicking is all about.

Politics was never created for crookedness or to get-rich-quick or for insults. But it’s a science and art of governing the affairs of the people judiciously.

The observations by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) recently that our politics is still unstable and immature, reveals very disappointing long strides this country has taken back-wards just in a year of President Mwanawasa’s death.

During an era when we are seeing more and more highly educated men and women deciding to serve the people; it’s so painful to see how our politics too is seriously being demonized and tainted with intolerance, vulgarity, violence and intimidation.

If these are the fruits of taking someone to school, then I wonder why we still moan for more schools in our country.

Do these politicians ever realize how much rotten influence they impart on the young who are aspiring to take their energies and bright ideas into public service in future? Our current political styles have continued to eat up our society’s moral cradle to a point where even our once honored chiefs have been reduced to shreds of toilet paper.

Politicians need to know that politics is a public service and not a battle ground to test one’s vulgar vocabulary or physical strength or cruelty.

In this highly sophisticated world, politicians need to be highly prudent and spend most of their energies battling out how to make the nation a better place to live for all despite each person’s political affiliation.

We need to reach an age of receptivity where an MP for Magoye is addressed as MP for Magoye and not UPND MP for Magoye or MMD MP for Magoye because Magoye Constituency only has one MP who represents all the people of Magoye – those who voted for him and those who didn’t – that’s political maturity and responsiveness.

We need always to learn from tried and tested political styles in Europe and America where many of our politicians now got their higher education from but fail to emulate those countries’ civilized political conduct and rather choose to go back to ‘stone age’.

We deserve better, and only the best is good enough for our country to excel above all odds like a noble Eagle in its flight.
Copyright: Mazuba Mwiinga 2009

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